Sunday Morning Silence


I can’t remember the last time I sat and sipped my coffee on a Sunday morning in silence. This  morning I am doing just that. Right now there’s no music blaring in another room, no 5-year old singing or yelling at me to do something for her. Nothing. Not even a cat trying to jump on my lap because I have banished them all outside. There is nothing but the calm of a Sunday morning silence. And I am ecstatic… and feeling slightly shell shocked. 

It happened yesterday – both of my kids left and aren’t coming back until later today. At first I was excited when I knew this was going to happen and I thought let’s make plans. Tried to make plans, no one to make plans with for anything that would be worthy of a house with no kids let’s be crazy. Then I went through my “oh poor me, no one to do naughty things with” things, feeling sorry for myself as I walked through my empty house thinking I should clean. So I cleaned the kitchen and the dining room and then thought, “Screw it. I can leave the rest until tomorrow because I won’t have to clean the kitchen again because there are no kids here to destroy it.” And then all poor me left and happy to be alone set in. 

Yes, I took the time to enjoy being alone. No one yelling at me to get them something. No on stealing the shower or my hair straightener when I needed it. No one I had to get rushed out the door so I could get where I was going. I went to be in my bed without a 5-year old sneaking in and pushing me to the side. And for a change, I woke up this morning with no pain in my shoulder or back from having to sleep on the side of the bed unable to move because a sweet 5-year old is pushing you off while telling you, half asleep, they need more snuggles. I woke up at 9a.m. with a smile on my face because I feel rested. And now I am sitting sipping my coffee, enjoying the silence only a Sunday morning can bring, fighting the urge to run out right away to collect my 5-year old, because when she gets back the silence will be gone and Mommy won’t be able to do things at her pace anymore. 

And I don’t mind that. I love that. But I have realized that these days more than going out or having someone to be naughty with the sound of silence is what Mommy misses most. And I am going to enjoy every sip of this coffee and see if I can find ways to sneak more moments of silence into my weeks. 

A depressing realization of why I am going deeper in debt


wish i had one of these… *sigh*

So thanks to my 5-year old reminding me I have let myself go by telling a close family friend, “My Mama’s belly looks like there is a baby growing in it but there isn’t” (more on that funny and embarrassing moment to come) I have decided I need to get out of the house to work out. Continue reading

It is time…

it is time…

to believe in yourself

believe in your mind

 believe that your time

is there for you to decide

 how to spend it

and who to waste it with


it is time…

to believe…

in your talents

in your dreams

in your hopes

and in your life


it is time

time for you

to change the you into me

so you can finally

give me

the life i deserve.


Same same? or Different.

Will you be the same as the rest? 

Use me to get over your past

Then bail when mine threatens to bring tears. 

Leave me alone when times get tough. 

Or turn a blind eye when the help you’ve received

Is the help I need. 

Will you be the same as the rest? 

Or will you be the one that rises above? 

That breaks down the walls

So two broken hearts become healed.


Never-Fail Tomato Pasta Sauce – nikki’s version

davis grace sophia.. age 1

davis grace sophia.. age 1

When it comes to Italian pasta sauces, this easy to make tomato sauce is a winner every time when it comes to battle of getting kids to eat.

It’s not something I got from a book, but something I was taught. I love it because you don’t have to let the sauce sit all day to get the flavour. By slowly cooking the herbs and spices with the oil first before adding the tomatoes, you infuse the sauce with flavour, making it a quick and easy meal. Continue reading