Financial Fix Goal #1 – Cut Grocery Bill Using Meal Plan

After writing about pay days and how much they suck, I realized I can sit and complain or I can take action and find away to make my financial situation better. Being the warrior princess that I am I’ve opted for the grab the bull by the horns approach and trying to find ways to cut my spending while also working on increasing my income. The first thing I’m tackling is my grocery bill.

Food is such a huge expense and I really want to always have healthy options for Davis. Plus, it’s like I’m hoarding whatever healthy food I can. Inside my head I hear this voice saying, “You must have good food for your child. You must always have a full fridge in case you can’t afford to buy food at some point.”

It’s actually a ridiculous voice because half the time I’m not getting to eat all the fresh fruit and veggies in my possession before they go off. And that, my friends, is simply a waste of money.

So I’ve decided my goal this week is to work on cutting that waste and my grocery bill by creating a meal plan out of what I have in the fridge. This way, in theory, I’ll spend less at the grocery story, use what I have and throw out less.

It seems simple, but following a meal plan for me is like trying to get kid to stop doing that really fun thing and go to bed. I am a free spirit. I follow inspiration. While I enjoy the idea of schedules and plans they rarely work for me. It’s like the mere writing down of said schedule or plan makes my subconscious think it’s being challenged. It taunts my conscious, “Oh… so you think writing down that schedule is gonna make me stick to it… you just watch.” This is the story of my schedule attempts (and might be part of the reason I can’t find balance in my life – that is another post.)

Thus, it’s not simple but I am making it a goal. I am trying it this week and will continue to try it until I master the fine art of food budgeting and meal planning.

Here is this week’s meal plan… and next week I’ll rate my success. Let’s see if this beast can’t be tackled, tied down and financially fixed. Picture

Breakfast for week – yoghurt or fruit salad, peanut butter banana muffins with juice or milk

  • Monday lunch – left overs
  • Monday supper – maple salmon, avacado ginger salad
  • Tuesday lunch – lentil soup (left overs in freezer)
  • Tuesday supper – homemade fish cakes, borscht (beet soup)
  • Wednesday lunch – lentil soup
  • Wednesday supper – black bean stir fry with tofu, brown rice
  • Thursday lunch – left over stir fry
  • Thursday supper – cajun cod, sweet potato and veggies (salad)
  • Friday lunch – left overs, salad
  • Friday supper – roast chicken (done in crock pot), veggies, salad

9 thoughts on “Financial Fix Goal #1 – Cut Grocery Bill Using Meal Plan

  1. AWESOME FOR YOU!!!! Cooks books are now your best friend! and what a better way to bond with Davis that in a bowl of flour and laughs, also teach her early math!

    • too much sugar? hmmmm… didn’t see that for sugars. although we do get complex carbs in the muffins (whole grains only), as well as the fruit and veggies… thanks for the comment! it made me look at what was in the meal plan that would fit the complex carb catergory:)

  2. Firstly, I am soooooo jealous of the seafood on that menu! Secondly I have a suggestion, something that might appeal to your free spirit and continued rebellion against plans, and lists; make more trips to the grocery store. When I was living in one of my many apartments in St. John’s, I would pass a grocery store during my daily commute to work. I found it easy to pop in and grab something for supper with left over supper for lunch the next day. Essentially treating the grocery store like my pantry, that someone kept stocked with fresh food. I didn’t have any waste because I used what I bought that night, with the occasional extra green onion here or there that I tried to use the following night.

    The only cost to you is time, and the extra gas if you have to drive way out of your way to get to grocery store.

    Cheers and happy eating!

    • i’m gonna rub in the seafood part by telling you it’s from the fisherman himself (*.-) thanks for the suggestion. i can easily swing by a grocery store on my way home from work since there’s 2 on the way. a co-worker says she cut her food budget by picking up things she needs as she needs them. if this meal plan thing doesn’t work that’s my plan 2.

    • i love oatmeal. right now my sweet lil one won’t eat it for me anymore:( we used to have it quite often with fruit mixed in but lately she’s been in the “i don’t like it” mood with almost everything. *sigh* thanks for the awesome suggestion.

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