My New BFF – Juicer

it's like love at first try

I’ve been wanting a juicer for quiet a while now but always listened to the voice in the back of my head saying, “You can’t afford it.” Truth be told I can’t really afford anything and my desire to be more healthy lead to my decision to fork out $60 + tax for my new juicer. (For the record it’s a General Electric brand, warranty for 2years. I feel good about it because their brand is fairly decent and they’ve got a policy in place for sustainable practices.)

I has been one of the best purchases of my life. I LOVE IT.

Over the past few months it’s become increasingly more difficult to feed my darling toddler. Davis has gone from the child who’ll try anything and eat a lot of different things to the child who looks at her plate and says, “I don’t LIKE it,” even though she liked it plenty last week. Fortunately (well, unfortunately for me) she only does this for me. Regardless, it stresses me out seeing he exist on a diet primarily of whole grain toast and natural peanut butter and cherrios, with some fruit here and there. She was the child who loved broccoli and now it’s like she’s trying to assert her power by declaring her distaste for supper. “I don’t want SUPPER. I want peanut butter toast!” insert slow foot stomp with each word.

My wonderful, glorious juicer is a complete Godsend. I make her carrot, beet and apple juice and she loves it. Drinks it all and asks for more. Yesterday, she drank my juice with the above and some added celery and fennel. And knowing she’s drank a glass of this juice first thing in the morning takes a bit of the stress off. That too is a Godsend.

So thank-you God for inventing juicers. And thank-you for reminding me sometimes that voice inside my head isn’t always right.



6 thoughts on “My New BFF – Juicer

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  2. Thanks for the info Nikki! I love making smoothies, though I haven’t tried juicing yet. My only concern with the idea of juicing (and my expertise is based on late night infomercials lol 🙂 is the wasted veg/fruit pulp once the juice is extracted…any ideas/info on this?

    • i read “The Juicing Book” by Stephen Blauer before i got started… and learning the left over pulp is actually devoid of all nutruients – they’re all in the juice. so just compost them because they were truly waste. no value left. you don’t get the fiber from the fruit when you juice, but if you juice in the morning on an empty stomach, you get all the nutrients + the enzymes which give you energy and help with cell regeneration. i found this online book that i only briefly looked over you might want to check out – which talking about responsible juicing too (too much at once can make u yukky lots on vitamins at once and veggies are powerful) .. i tell you the extra energy and clarity i’ve felt after a few days is incredible. and i love knowing that davis has lots of good healthy veg & fruit in her belly to start the day:)

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