Financial Fix – Grocery Budget… part 2

that's about all that's left from pay day *sigh*

So… another pay day has arrived… and before the sun has set the money is all gone. After I fix my car, pay talent service fees, pay bills, pay babysitter, buy food, buy gas… there’s just nothing left. My dreams of getting my hair cut are once again postponed for another month and I’m pretending the greys aren’t popping through my roots. (Will a Sharpie cover grey?)

Once again I’m reminded I desperately need to find ways to have money left over from my paydays and stop this slow slipping into the deeper spiral of debt. And when I say reminded I mean in that gasping for breath, mind whirling, heart pounding kind of way. I really shouldn’t drive immediately after checking my finances.

It’s time to stay focused and get back to the grocery budget.

  • The GOAL: cut my monthly spending.
  • The PLAN: use meal planning to cut budget.

Meal planning hasn’t worked yet, but that doesn’t mean it won’t and I’ve learned things. Groceries are already bought so I am creating a plan strictly around what I already have.

Breakfast: fresh juice – Davis gets beet, carrot & apple + muffin or cereal. Mine is strictly the juice – but a mix of more veggies, apple and ginger – a huge glass of it.

Lunch: Davis eats at the babysitters; I made a stuffed zucchini Sunday night and am eating that. When that runs out I’ll be having salad.


  • Monday – dinner at brother’s. thanks Veve.
  • Tuesday – left overs – I have black bean tofu stir-fry left. If Davis won’t eat it, she’ll be getting whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce.
  • Wednesday – my friend Mandy Jayne sent me this awesome recipe for chickpea-squash burgers (yes, I like to eat a lot of vegetarian meals and Davis rarely eats meat anymore so it works as much as making meals for a toddler does.) Instead of butternut squash I might use pumpkin since I still have a ton of them (4 small, and 3 large) and I have to do something with. With this we’ll have with a salad with a banana-coconut dressing that another friend of mine, Grace Van Burken, created this week. Check it out on her blog barefootchic … it sounds awesome and am looking forward to trying it.
  • Thursday – homemade beans – I have some from the bakery near my house and they are a guaranteed hit with Davis so supper can be quick and easy. I might have this with a baked potato as I love this English style potato jacket.
  • Friday – crock pot chicken – I have a frozen chicken that needs to be used. By cooking it while I’m at work in the crock pot, it’s going to be an easy supper. I’ll serve rice and salad or veggies with it. And then I’ll have chicken to make soup over the weekend.
  • Saturday & Sunday – I’m going to let my cooking queen come forth and do what she wants. As I mentioned I have pumpkins (yes, fresh) that I have to prepare for storage and use. I’ve been dying to try this pumpkin gnocchi recipe I found and I’ll have to make that soup. Plus I like making muffins or healthy pancakes for the week for Davis – easy breakfast although one day she likes it, the next she doesn’t. It’s the way of the toddler.

Compared to my first meal plan this one seems a little more attainable for me. I’ve added a left overs night and a couple of easy breezy meals too. Let’s see how it all goes.

Side note: I’ve gotten some incredible ideas from folks – one of the most common is to start using coupons. This is something I’m going to try to do and see how it works. Thanks to the suggestions it’s already in my mind because when I was at the Bulk Barn I was kicking myself when the woman in front of me pulled out the $5 off coupon from this week’s flyers… the same ones sitting, unopened on the dryer at my house. ugghhh.

food is good... got more?





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