If You’re 60 I Don’t Want to Date You – Dating in Single Parentland

my friends mandy & mario - i want their kind of love

I’ve been trying the online dating thing for a little while now and I have to say I’m less than happy. To be brutally honest if you’re 60 I don’t want to date you. Anything over 45 seems a bit too old for me and I’m not even slightly open to 50. Not even if you’re George Clooney and he is smoking hot. Don’t get in a huff because age has nothing to do with it. It’s all about lifestyle and what I want – to build a family.

You might be the nicest person in the world underneath that gross facial hair that seriously needs trimming. I’m sure you’re up for adventure after decades on the farm but a drive around Cape Breton or a trip to a resort is not my type of adventure. And that chubby rich guy who pointed out that he only wanted fit women with eyes like mine should probably check out some sugardaddy sites because I don’t care about your money or that you’ll fly me around the world first class and stay in 5 star hotels. Perhaps the idea of a younger woman on your arm is something you all dream about and there are plenty of young women out there who like that. I’m not one of them.

If you’re older than my father definitely not. Close to his age just as bad. Being able to tell me stories about when the Beatles were on the charts doesn’t interest me. What I want is someone who loves me for me, someone I can build a family with. And something tells me at 60 you don’t want to have any more kids… and I don’t want to have kids with someone old enough to be my dad. Let’s face it, I’ll be here longer and then I’m back to being that single mom again.

uncle mario making a slide for davis

I want a man who has the energy and the desire to play with my daughter all the time. Run around the park, push her on the swing, play soccer and dance for hours. One who loves her as if he was her own because he loves me totally. A man who is my best friend and partner. My soul mate who inspires me to be better and encourages me to go for my goals. A man who I do the same for because we are a team – a team building and sharing a life together.

When I say building a life together I mean it literally. I would love to have another baby and time is ticking, so I have no time to waste on the wrong men. Being pregnant with Davis there were times I wore a heavy heart because there was no one to share the experience with. I remember sitting in my Aunt Muriel’s house, a couple of weeks before Davis Grace Sophia came into this world, watching TV with my cousins. My hands resting on my huge belly in front of me I felt a kick and when I looked down I could see Davis’ foot literally coming through the skin. I froze and watched it happen again and again. Looking at my cousins, my intent was to tell them to look at what my baby was doing. But she was my baby and the words froze on my tongue, silencing my mouth. This was my baby and no one would appreciate the experience as much as me… and her father if he cared.

and down she goes...

It’s experiences like these I want to share with my soul mate. As well as struggle through the hard times, budget so we can have a vacation somewhere exotic,  even clean the house together. Someone who likes the same things I do and wants the same things. Not someone who’s 60 and isn’t interested in building a new life when they have theirs.

This is what I don’t get about this online dating thing. In my profile it specifically says what I am looking for. Age – 35 – 42. Kids – yes I want them. Likes – traveling, adventure, electronic music. I have yet to meet a 60 year old, even a 50 year old, who can appreciate house or tolerate techno. Why are you sending me flirts and asking me out when I’ve already told you what I want and you don’t have the job qualifications? Do you want me to reject you? Or do you think I’m just going to look at you and be so overcome with instant love that I’ll forget everything I’ve dreamed of having for pretty much my entire life? Let’s be realistic here – that isn’t going to happen. So why make me feel bad by having to ignore you or tell you I’m not interested. Be a man and admire from a far but don’t contact. I simply hate being a bitch.


5 thoughts on “If You’re 60 I Don’t Want to Date You – Dating in Single Parentland

  1. Ummmm…. You know One…I am 48 in april….Awww welll,, canceling my tickets to the cape,, and that diamond ring….

  2. I feel your pain. I actually met my husband (who is INCREDIBLE, btw) on e-harmony.com after my family begged me to sign up. There were a lot of crazies on there….but somehow I met my hubby. Hang in there!

    • i’ve heard great things about online dating… but i’m starting to wonder if it’s living in a small city. maybe there’s just too few people on it… hmmmmm…. wonderful to hear you met your husband that way. did you ever feel awkward initially?

  3. Hah.. I feel your pain; been there, done that! Have since and still am learning to be happy with me.. First and foremost, then I can be happy with someone else from the ‘real world’. I don’t hold much faith in the online dating scene, too much false advertisement!

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