Financial Fix – Grocery Budget – Week 4 Brings Some Success

lemons are yummy.


It’s another week in the land of grocery budget cutting and I am not even sure what week it is. I think it’s week four because I missed a week of meal planning, so it’s my third week of meal planning. Originally this was a four week experiment to see if it could help but since I went sans meal plan one week I’m going to extend the experiment for another week.

There was some success this week.

First – It’s the first week I cut the grocery budget. Yippee:) Spending only $75 instead of the usual $100 is definitely a step in the right direction. That quite possibly could have been less if I hadn’t bought 20-pounds of apples and 9-pounds of carrots, but they are stored in my shed (on shelves and safe from animals) for lots of juicing the next couple of weeks. In the long run this will save me money.

Secondly – I pretty much stuck to the meal plan, although I learned a very valuable lesson. Choose recipes that are quick to make during the week, unless you’re not working that day. One of my planned meals was chickpea butternut squash burgers which were yummy but took about 40 minutes to prepare and another 45 to cook. Getting home at 5:30ish was way too late for me to serve this to Davis, and being the type to not fully read the recipe before I start I didn’t realize it till I was putting them in the oven at 6:30 (or later.) So I switched up meals for Wednesday and Thursday. That’s another lesson I learned – it’s ok to be flexible with your meal plans.

Thirdly – at the end of the week my fridge was more empty than it normally is and I must confess I’ve had to throw out less that I did before I started this challenge. Throwing out food is simply throwing out money and I really hate doing that so this makes me very happy.

Now for this week…

mommy doesn't buy me chips anymore:(

Because I wanted to go to the farmers market to get local veg and fruit I didn’t make my meal plan ahead of time so I’m doing it like I did last week and making it based on what’s in my fridge. It’s also the last week of the Chubb Club weight loss challenge at work so I’m going to be sticking to pretty healthy stuff like fresh juices and salads thus, the meal planning is pretty much for Davis.

Breakfast: veggie fruit juice for me / Davis natural peanut butter on whole wheat multigrain toast (bread from market) & fresh veg-fruit juice OR banana smoothy. I must say if Davis was allergic to peanut butter our life would be a lot harder.

Lunch: veggie fruit juice for me / Davis eats at babysitters (she’s really the best.)


  • Monday: whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, raw veggies on side with the awesome banana coconut dressing for dipping
  • Tuesday: jasmine rice, chicken and corn
  • Wednesday: homemade beans (leftovers that gotta be used now), raw veggies on side
  • Thursday: oven roasted sweet potato fries, panko incrusted shrimp & raw veggies, probably the banana coconut dressing for dipping
  • Friday: soup with whole wheat multigrain bread – either pumpkin, quinoa veggie or butternut squash apple (I can happily report I have all three bottled and ready to serve … as long as I didn’t mess up the bottling like I did with Christmas presents last year… all my family got rotten jam as gifts… and all of my aunts pretended the jam was great in an attempt to not hurt my feelings)

Now let’s see if I can get another week down to $75… or less.

After that it’s on to the coupon experiment…


5 thoughts on “Financial Fix – Grocery Budget – Week 4 Brings Some Success

    • wow. $35 a week is really impressive. i’m stuck at the $75/ $80 mark and can’t get any lower. this does include cleaning supplies too but i need to try again to see if i can get to a point where i’m comfortable without a fridge full of food… it’s like i need to have it there to prove i am able to provide fully for my daughter without any financial support from anyone else.

    • very carefully i think. mine has crept up again. but i also right now have a ridiculous amount of produce. i’m going to get rid of all my processed sauces & store bought juices and things, and try going whole foods completely and compare if it’s cheaper or not. that’s my next challenge. i bought $75 worth of nuts after the yoga retreat & was like, oh no – this will cost more, but it’s almost three weeks later and i’m still using those nuts… so i’m thinking it might be cheaper… more on this coming…

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