Things Davis Says… memories of 2011

dance recital, pink class @ Dance Sync, Sydney - June

The first fell week of January is almost over and with the end of it my time of reflecting on things that happened in the year prior. Usually I fret over things that could have gone different all through December and they linger through this month, so this time I thought I’d dedicate some time to remember some of the awesome things my toddler said in her second year of life. My ulterior motive is that I don’t want to forget these and by writing them down I truly hope I don’t. Forever they will be immortalized here… or for as long as I keep the blog up.



toliet paper fashion

POTTY TRAINING: at Dad’s house.

Davis & I go into the bathroom.

Davis: “Poppy peed?”

Me: “Yes.”

Davis: yelling, “Good job, Poppy! Good Job.”






Hiking – November 2010

monkey hunting in cape breton - 2010

Davis and I do a fair bit of hiking. Not as much as I’d like to do as there’s a lot of coyotes around here who’ve all of a sudden gotten quite aggressive (possibly a new breed mixed with wolf) so it’s not so safe to go to all the places I really want to go. At least that’s what people keep warning me and although my independent “You can do it” voice screams inside the maternal “Must protect child” voice has kept me away from these outdoor adventures. One morning while hiking the East Bay Trail Davis stopped in her tracks and put her hand on her head.

Me: “What are you doing? Gotta keep going sweetie.”

Davis: looks around, ignores me.

Me: “Davis! We gotta keep walking.”

Davis: “Monkey! Monkey! Monkey where are you monkey?”

(apparently Davis thinks there’s monkeys in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.)


Halloween – 2011

We went to the Not So Scary Halloween Walk for kids under eight, the Saturday before Halloween. After waiting an hour we were guided through the trail by Little Red Riding Hood and it was awesome. Totally worth every second of waiting.

Davis, dressed as Snow White (one of three costumes this year – thank-you garage sales), immediately didn’t like the troll who lived under the bridge and was wary. We passed Arthur’s sword in the stone that no one could get out then came upon a dragon’s cave where we could hear the dragon inside but couldn’t see him. It’s worth mentioning here that Davis was going through a phase of fighting the scary, bad dragon.

Riding Hood: “On no I must fight the dragon. Someone must get me the sword. Davis you go and get me the sword.”

Me: pulling Davis, “Come on Davis we must get the sword.”

Davis: frantic, “I don’t want to….”

Me: putting her hand on sword, “Come on Davis, you can do it. I’ll help you.”

Davis: screaming, “Why are you doing this to me?”

We got the sword and the dragon was slain. No word yet on damage done to Davis.


Christmas Eve 2011:

Santa sits and calls Davis’ name first. Unsure what to do she goes up and smiles broadly when she gets a present. She brings it back to her seat on the floor and then instead of ripping into it immediately stands up and goes back to Santa. I think she’s looking for more gifts but before I open my mouth she says,

“Santa, I need a present for my mommy please.”

(I pretty much melted.)



And one more…

Randomly, out of the blue Davis come running out of the bedroom….

“Look Mama! Now I have big boo-boos like you.

Mine are short but now they are big like you.”

God love her. Best gift ever.


1 thought on “Things Davis Says… memories of 2011

  1. You and Davis sound happy and I’m estactic for you both…what a perfect fit. God bless friend. Motherhood looks wonderful on you. Xoxo

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