The Importance of Spa Days… a lazy Sunday morning epiphany

the road to beauty is not that pretty...

Having had to emcee a charity function last night, I find myself with the unusual pleasure of having no toddler to wake up to this Sunday morning. She’s at Nanny Deb’s, thus, I am enjoying a truly lazy Sunday morning.

It took me a while to get over the initial zombie like state of bewilderment because there was no toddler attempting to dominate my time. Things I normally have to do on a Sunday morning revolve around feeding and cleaning. Halfway through my second cup of coffee I came to my senses and realized this is the perfect opportunity to spoil myself with an at home spa. A luxurious soak in a  bath with a moisturing Lush bath bomb, a clay facial mask and a manicure. Something I’m much in need of. *sigh*

Any fashionista / girlie type understands the importance of these moments. Men and women a like. Taking care of yourself is a type of meditation if you’re conscious about it. You’re forcing yourself to slow down and love the body you’re in. Well, perhaps that is taking it a bit too far into the realm of hippie land, but still you feel good after you do these things. And you look good.

Happily jumping in the bath, resting my head I thought perfect time to shave my legs. It’s been so long and not a priority for me in winter where I’m always hidden. During this time I let my inner hippie out and become a hairy beast. Today was the day I’d banish the beast for a while and shave my legs and while doing so it hit me how much I’ve been neglecting these spa day moments.

I cut myself four times shaving! Four times! And three were on the same leg!

It’s like I’m a kid again learning to shave her legs for the first time. A few of the cuts were those deep, white, not-going-to-bleed-cause-you-took-a-chunk-out kind. Am I really depriving myself of me time so much that I’m forgetting the fine skills of beauty and esthetics? Apparently so if I can’t remember how to shave my legs without drawing a pint of blood.

french manicure a la moi...

Shaving my legs isn’t the only place I’ve noticed a regression. My nails. Shaping them lately results in at least one being a little too short and my french manicure, while passable from a distance is really quite a mess up close.

How could I have let this happen? while always a hippie at nature I’ve been groomed into a good high maintainance woman who knows how to be cost efficient by doing it yourself. Facials were a passion of mine since I was a kid (Mom had a peel one in a jar with a brush and when we’d both go for nap time I’d wait until she was asleep and sneak down to give myself one.) At one point my french manicures were so good my estitician friend would comment on how they looked salon done. Now, alas, I butcher myself shaving and leave wiggly lines on my nails.

Where has that old Nikki gone? The one who always found the time to do her nails once a week? Regularly enjoyed a face mask while quietly zoning out in a bath listening to music or reading? Who’s love for fashion exceeded more than a stellar shoe collection. She’s here buried under Mommy who desires to make sure her baby gets everything all the time. And perhaps it’s time to make sure the spa loving diva of my past meets half way with proud Mommy to make a deal: once a week we’ll find time to do this at home spa treat.

I mean let’s be honest I’m at that point of my life where these things mean more than they ever did before. EVER. Aging skin – not a pretty thing if you don’t take care of it. For some it’s a path of cosmetic procedures. For me it’s about daily and weekly maintainance and if I’ve let that slide when I need it most… well… all those years of hard work before will go to waste.

So yet another solemn vow, I do make to myself. I, Nicole Jean Sullivan, do so solemnly swear, that I will make a weekly home spa moment a part of my weekly routine. Amen.

Coz I’m worth it….                 


2 thoughts on “The Importance of Spa Days… a lazy Sunday morning epiphany

  1. And don’t you forget that vow. I am guilty of forgetting myself to the point of not seeing straight that I also matter. Still working on that…

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