Dealing with Financial Stress…

dear God, dear Universe... help me through this

I purposely haven’t picked up my mail all week because I had a feeling my power bill would be in there and I didn’t want to deal with the reality of how high it will be. It’s for the first two real months of winter and there was a rate increase as of January 1st. I’d made my budge based on what the people who I bought the house from said they paid and they had big screen TVs and liked a lot of heat.

Praying I was close to right when I went to open the bill the crushing reality is I’m $125 off. Which means to pay my power bill will eat up roughly half of my next pay cheque. *sigh* When does this stop?

I was feeling good this week because I’d landed a few freelance voice over gigs which would help with expenses. In fact they made me one third of my monthly take home which is awesome. And I did try so hard to stick to the very strict budget I had for last month but as much as I tried it really wasn’t possible. Gas was higher, food was higher (even though I worked so hard at using what I had) and I cut all entertainment spending except a few things to do with Davis. While I haven’t balanced my budget yet I can safely say I’m a few hundred dollars in the red… and I didn’t even get my car fixed or go to the dentist.

So now my plans of making a fabulous supper have been squashed by the mounting pressure drop kicking my soul. All I want to do is drink wine and eat chips. But I don’t want to sulk in my stress. I have my sweet toddler to think about and I know I have to find ways to deal with this stress.  Hence, I’ve found myself looking for words of wisdom from the internet.

Oprah Winfrey’s site has an article about this subject. 

There some helpful hints on how to get your budget under control, such as making a daily budget and rewarding yourself when you stick to it. I’m doing something similar right now by scheduling days where I can’t spend anything. Otherwise, it talks about hypnosis, needle point and taking ownership of your financial troubles.

Yeah, not really helpful to me but go to know my decision to do daily yoga nidra other meditation is helping. also has an interesting article.

They talk about making sure your priorities are your well being and then your family’s because if you’re not doing well or cracking under the stress how can your family cope? Or be happy.

Makes total sense. My biggest concern is denying Davis things because we don’t have the money and having her be sad because we don’t have money. I guess my decision to do daily yoga practices (both asana and yoga nidra) is a wise one as it is helping me deal with the stress. Davis’ health and happiness is the most important thing to me and if that means my being healthy and happy then I’ll do everything to make sure that is reality.

After my reading I’ve come to these conclusions:

  • I’m making conscious efforts to conquer my money stress
  • I’m doing smart things in terms of working on ways to cut spending
  • At the end of the day I simply have to make more money

Really, I can’t live any cheaper than we have been and I also can’t keep living in this limbo of pay cheque to pay cheque. So the warrior dusts herself off, learns from the hidden messages around her, and continues on her horse down the path to success.

But she will have a glass of wine along the way. Or two.

At least this time she’s not crying.



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