Why Night Time Sledding Rocks – how breaking the schedule can be good

"chop chop chop... it's pizza...chop chop chop"

It was an average Saturday in our house. Up early, rushing around to get housework done before noon AND play with toddler. Yes, I suffer from Over-Achiever-Mommy-Syndrome. Lil’ D also had her dance class that morning so it was our sixth day of rushing.

At one o’clock I decided to take her to Dad’s for sledding fun. He’s got a wicked hill and why I didn’t think to do this last year I have no idea. Lil’ D squealed as we went down the hill but refused to get to walk back up. That was the first indication she was tired. Second was the starting of tears. Over-Achiever-Mommy forgets that toddler doesn’t like to be constantly doing things all the time.

On the five-minute drive back to our house she passed out and had an exceptionally long nap. Nothing I did could wake her. Blaring music, singing in her ear, rubbing her back which then turned into shaking her (gently of course), I tried it all and nothing worked. Slowly, that evil monster Stress, began creeping up my body. Like a snake slithering through my soul, my heart beat increasing and my feet began the pacing. It was almost 5p.m. If I didn’t get her up she would never go to sleep tonight and I was exhausted from my Over-Achiever-Mommy first day off.

That’s when it hit me. We should go for a night-time sledding adventure.

Immediately I called Dad and asked him if we could come over. “Again?” was his incredulous answer. Yes again was my response with the added request – can we put a fire on upstairs.

It was the best decision I made that Saturday. Thank-you Over-Achiever-Mommy for listening to that inner voice instead of being swallowed by the fear that the evil monster Stress was trying to instigate.

Davis loved it. It was something so different. Her body clock told her she should be getting ready for bed but instead we were heading over to the sledding hill at Poppy’s. The moon was out, it was cold, and she laughed and giggled the whole time. Not once did she ask me to pull her up the hill. And more than once she crawled the whole way up so she could “chop” and eat the snow which she decided was “pizza.” (You have to admire the imagination in kids.)

After we were sufficiently frozen, we went inside to warm up by the fire and roast marshmallows. Rosy cheeked toddler loved every minute more than the one before. It was like the fun just didn’t stop. When she had enough marshmallows she got up and danced a little, then later while I was talking to Dad she decided she’d try to roast her own by holding one in her hand and thrusting her hand out toward the fire – standing about four feet away. It took all our power for my father and I to control our giggles. A memory that will forever be emblazoned in my mind.

My father was even impressed with Lil’ D’s behaviour. “She’s not even being orangutans tonight,” he stated, obviously impressed. That was until five minutes later when she stripped down in front of him and giggled like a hyena, “Hahahaha,” picture a slightly crazed person, “I’m naked.” Then proceed to run around the house, the tell-tale sign toddler was now really tired and soon would be ready for bed.

Moral of the story – it was a brilliant night that was so much more invigorating and relaxing than staying at home and stressing out because I couldn’t get my toddler to bed on time. Everyone one of us enjoyed ourselves and it’s those special moments of doing something a little different that create the best memories for all of us.

I mean, how can you deny this smile?

Or this face?


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