Ginger Root, Lemon, Honey Tea… when kids get sick

When your kids get sick it’s hard for any parent. Especially when that sickness comes with a cough and your little one isn’t old enough to have cough syurp.

That’s when I pull out the witches cauldron (as many of my co-workers like to joke) and create my own homemade remedy: ginger root, lemon, honey tea.

So simple and it’s incredible in helping get rid of colds and coughs. Last time I used it my cold was half as severe and half as long as anyone else I knew who had what was going around. And when I’ve given it to Davis I’ve also seen her symptoms decrease and move though her quickly.

Ginger is an super healer. In Aruveyda, ginger is used mainly as a medicine and not consumed on a regular basis because it increases heat in your body which helps kill germs and bacterias making us ill. There’s a million things ginger is good for from joint pain (because it’s an anti-inflammatory) to digestion to coughs. But be warned, children not used to it might flush out a little, so you could have more diapers to change if your child is in them.

Honey is also an excellent natural remedy because it has antibacterial qualities and boosts immunity. Use local honey whenever possible because it has pollens from that area in it. This makes it especially good for allergy sufferers as it introduces the pollens in your body internal lessening your symptoms. Since babies under a year can’t have honey, sweeten the tea with sugar or maple syrup (maple syrup being the better choice.) Lemon is of course chalk full of vitamin C and other health benefits.

Drink the tea either hot or warm depending on the age of the child. When Davis was really young I’d let it sit until room temperature and I let her drink two to three cups a day when sick unless she was really bad and then it was all she could handle. It’s the same for me. I love it and love the fact that it’s all natural foods, grown by Mother Nature herself in this fabulous Earth we live on. Ok, enough inner hippie… here’s the recipe:

  • piece of ginger root size of pointer finger, peeled & sliced
  • 2- 3 tablespoon honey (more if you need it sweeter)
  • one fresh lemon squeezed (i like a lot of lemon, but if your kid doesn’t do sour try only a half)
  • 4 – 6 cups of water
  • boil for 15 – 20 minutes, depending on strength you desire and drink
  • add more honey if there’s too much heat

That’s it. Simple, easy and quick.

If you have any recipes to help with a cold or flu let me know:) I love sharing and trying new witches’ brews.


10 thoughts on “Ginger Root, Lemon, Honey Tea… when kids get sick

    • i was getting that way a bit with meals – too tired so i’d pick a ready to heat and eat one… not good… i love this witches’ brew, and hope you get good results too!

  1. Oh I have never thought to try this! Cortney is asthmatic and can’t have cough medicine unless perscribed by the doctor and I honestly have not thought of trying anything like this before! I will definately be trying this with her and well the other 2 as well!

    • it should totally help. i find it helps when my chest feels gross… my asthma isn’t bad at all anymore but any breathing issues and this totally relieves some… and while it may not get rid of all the symptoms of a cold they’re totally lessened. … other things like rosehip is supposed to be really good for treating asthma…

  2. I’ll try the recipe. I try to use natural healing items for my two children as well, and I try to keep them healthy with good nutrition. It works, and they rarely get sick. We use a lot of honey, instead of sugar.

    • we rarely get sick too. lots of immunity fighting whole foods in our family. argued with the doctor about why i don’t believe in flu shots today, felt she was only interested in pushing me percriptions, perhaps she is getting a cut…

  3. I just made this for my very picky 8 year old son who is home sick with the flu. I had to laugh at the witches cauldron remark as my family often calls my methods Voodoo. I am a licensed massage therapist and try to use as many natural methods as possible to help my family. Thank you for sharing this recipe for the tea.

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