Toddler, oh Toddler… why do you do me like you do?

Today was a good day. First day of spring, sun shining, warm wind and lots of work done. I rushed home and on my lunch break did yoga on my back patio with Hindu chants before doing more writing. Time came to get baby girl. Energy coursed through my veins and inside I felt a happy peace.

inside my brain i felt like this ...

I was calm. I was happy. Spring was here and it was great day.

Then I picked up lil’ princess from the babysitters. It took an hour for my brain to go…


this was my brain after picking up toddler

In less than two hours, my sweet little toddler used every ounce of her three year old being to push me fully over the edge of calm sanity.

We went to dance, she didn’t listen. When we left, she didn’t want to leave. Of course she didn’t want to go home and obviously wanting supper was out of the question. There was no talking only whining and crying. How she could manage a breath in between the nerve grating demands is beyond me. But like a dutiful mom I put my foot down, didn’t yell and tried my best to keep my cool.

Was she over tired? Hungry? What the Jesus was her damn problem! Nothing I did or tried to do could appease the demon child inside.

Eventually, she won a small battle. To keep her quiet My Little Pony came on. Inevitably a fit ensued when it was over but so be it. More than worth it for the 45 minutes of relative quiet I got.

Bedtime took an hour and a half, with constant chimes of, “Mommy… Mom… Mama… Mom…. Mommy… Mama… Mama… Mama… Mama… what are you doing?”

Oh, to have a partner in crime in situations like this who can play my tag team. One entertain while the other makes supper. One to back up the Mean Mommy who is disappointed little one isn’t listening. But alas, the plight of the single parent is you are alone, flying solo through the toddlerland thunderstorm.

If it wasn’t for the mountain of dishes in the sink, I would already be crashed as my sweet little angel fully drain all my happy energy… as she does so well when she’s like this.

All I can do is be thankful I didn’t fully snap, make a mental note to buy some wine, and pray that soon this stage will be done… it will, won’t it?

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.


5 thoughts on “Toddler, oh Toddler… why do you do me like you do?

  1. Take a listen to Darius Rucker’s song “It Won’t Be Like This For Long”. Change all the references of “he” and “his” to “she” and “her” and it’ll make you feel better. Time moves a lot slower looking forward than looking back.Take care.

    • yeah… i always try to think of things like these and remind me soon she’s not going to want me to cuddle or fight me when it’s bedtime… and days she won’t even want to talk to me. to be honest, i laugh a lot when she’s like this, and there were points that we enjoyable last night… i mean if you can’t find the humour in a little one yelling “Mama” for an hour straight you’re missing out on some of the great parts of being a parent.

  2. There is no doubt it gets mega stressful. I have been there and done that so many times for the last almost 8 years. I have no help, but a “dad” that does what he wants, when he wants in regards to my son. He has no clue, or actually just doesn’t care how much more difficult he makes my life with his antics. Anyway, I try to remind myself that even though I am more than stressed each and every day…it won’t necessarily get easier, but it does go by fast. Ted was right…it definitely doesn’t last long. I try to just do my best to get through each day…and enjoy what I can. No one ever said it would be easy.

    • you’re right. no one said it would be easy, but then nothing good in life is easy, is it?

      i’m glad i don’t have that kind of “dad” to deal with. as much as it breaks my heart to think baby daddy hasn’t made any effort to see his child, i am thankful to not have to add that stress on top of the busy daily stuff. i admire your strength for getting through it.

      • Thanks, we all have our own hurdles to jump right? Seems like you are doing just fine, although sometimes it can feel like the opposite. One day at a time, friend. 🙂

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