thoughts of reality…

do you exist?

in this reality…

or do you dance slowly

on the outskirts of my mind

a tango with time

twisting thoughts

of sublime

heavenly bliss

drifts away

into another place

where dreams only exist.

but do you?


4 thoughts on “thoughts of reality…

  1. Sometimes when the sun goes down,
    And I sit here all alone.
    I think of what I’d say to you,
    If you called me on the phone.

    I did just what you asked of me, but it was kinda’ rough,
    By the time I closed the closet door, I knew I’d had enough.
    I saw Kay the other day, she hasn’t changed a bit,
    She asked how I was doin’, but I didn’t get into it.

    That story that I told you at the concert on the hill,
    I’d never seen you laugh so hard and and I guess I never will.
    And that old guitar you tried so hard to teach me how to play,
    I finally picked it up again,  just the other day.

    Jake is back home from the west, he bought a brand new rig,
    But that workin’ in the oils sand sounds like an awful gig.
    John and I went fishin’ and we had an awesome day,
    He wants to go again next week, and I think that I just may.

    I have a funny story that I can tell no one but you,
    It involves your brother Billy and Mrs. You-know-who.
    So that’s the news for you my dear, I’m tryin’ to behave,
    I’ll drop by again this afternoon and put flowers on your….

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