Yoga… a necessary part of Mommy’s life

yoga teacher, amanda mcleod (toronto) pictures taken by sasha niveole

I love yoga.

Right now, I am more in love with it than I have ever been before. Not because I’m nailing the asanas (poses ) right now. If you want to be particular, I’m currently residing in a place between shitty and OK. I love it because of what it is doing to my life at the moment, especially in regards to clearing my head and reassigning my mood (otherwise known as dissapating dark thoughts.)

Since January, I’ve been getting back into a more regular yoga practice, thanks to my New Year’s Resolutions. One of the best ones I’ve ever made and I’m sticking to it because I’m not beating myself up over missing a few days. I’m sticking to shorter practice, one or two times a day, four or five times a week, so as it’s easy for me to fit it into my schedule. And it’s working wonders on my productivity, my body and my mind.

i long to do crow's pose again...

Today, I started to feel really scrampy. Dark clouds of grumpiness threatened to sabotage the rest of my day and night. They had been slowly creeping in for hours. Fight as I might, I was loosing the battle and the sunshine in my soul was retreating. Getting home after work, my mind raced with all the writing, work, cleaning to do and I felt heavy.

That’s when I decided I wasn’t doing anything before I did yoga.

Choosing a longer practice and my favourite CD of mediation sitar music (currently played no less than five times a day) I began clearing my mind and finding my center. Easier than I thought it would be, in fact. Pesky thoughts tried to creep in but I banished them away and regained focus with my body.

Practice done and I feel clearer and calmer. Stress has been relived and I can breathe again. Heavy feeling is gone and I’m replaced with a content lightness. My focus is back. I feel good and my body feels limber. It’s as if I am starting a new day and I love it.

Most importantly, those scrampy, nasty, obsessive thoughts have been quieted. The dark gloomy clouds dissolved by the light and positivity is residing once again in my brain.

It isn’t just immediately after practice that I am noticing changes from my newly rediscovered dedication to yoga. Instinct is awakened and lately I’m finding I’m able to listen to that voice of intuition that leads us in the right way. My body is getting tighter and smaller and on a daily basis I’m able to use my hours more productively. The exhaustion I was feeling before Christmas is gone and I have the ability to enjoy a normal adult style life where my kid and I don’t go to bed at the same time. Plus, I’m taking time to relax more. Reading those books and watching those movies I’ve been dying to dive into. By doing yoga on a regular basis I’m making positive life changes in every aspect of my life and I love it. And it’s not just asana practice, I’ve been motivated to start self-study again and am reading many books.

Today, I didn’t want to do anything. I wanted to hide in that impending misery and indulge my demons. But I didn’t. I chose positive action for a positive result and now I’m more than energized to hang out with my baby girl when I pick her up (given she’s up for hanging out with me.)

And it seems as if the Universe is rewarding me for my strength of will. Out of the blue, a fisherman friend of mine called. He had fresh halibut for me, straight from the boat, and he was bringing it over. Good food to feed a healthy body and mind, what better reward you for keeping your soul healthy.


4 thoughts on “Yoga… a necessary part of Mommy’s life

  1. I need to find a good yoga instructor. I’ve taken a class a couple of times just through my gym, and it’s crowded in the room, and you don’t get much help with the poses. It’s also my attitude. During the meditation period, my mind is constantly yelling: “Relax, dammit.” I know that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

    • quieting the mind is the hardest part, after that is listening to your body so you don’t overstretch… i get the same thing… Iyengar writes in his book Light on Life (which I’m studying right now) that you can’t meditate until your body is strong, very interesting point for sure…

      i study at home – it’s what works with my schedule… perhaps this might work for you?

  2. Oh Nikki, you’re becoming a bigger project than I’d originally thought. After reading your earlier post on all the conflicting mommas you have rolling around in that pretty head of yours, I wanted to comment, but the fear of becoming a bore prevented me from doing so. But allow me to just say this and then if you wish, I will cease and desist from making any further comments.

    Raising a child on your own isn’t easy. Single parents face unique problems, but children in single-parent homes can grow up just as happy as children in two-parent homes. Providing a loving, supportive home for your children is the most important factor in helping them grow up well-adjusted and happy. I know the financial strain can be unbearable at times but remember, your child does not care a bit about money. What they care about is mommy (or daddy time) time…a walk in the snow or along the beach, a picnic or a trip to the playground, silly talk or songs, bedtime stories, etc. are what children thrive on. Having said that, it is just as important for mom to occasionally have adult time away from the child to recharge her batteries. A healthy, happy momma makes a healthy, happy child. Just make sure you have a sitter you can absolutely trust.

    Your migraines are brought on partly by the stress in your life, and no wonder. You are constantly making decisions on the fly with regards to work, child care, bill priorities and who knows what else… you could get a job as a busker with all the juggling you are doing…Learn to relax, take it slow. The only things that really matter are you and your child, everyone else can wait.

    The practice of yoga is a major step in the right direction. Learning to be one with nature and at peace with the universe will bring you an inner peace that in time you will pass on to you child, what greater gift can you bestow on her. I know folks who lavish their children with expensive toys, cloths and gadgets but would or could not give them what they really needed…time, patience, love, support and discipline. As far as I can tell, Nikki, you’ve got all the bases covered, cut yourself a little slack…peace out.

    • thanks for your kind words, and your words of wisdom. totally realized a few months ago how easy it is to put you below everything else, and how rarely i did take time for myself or my health. which is why this journey back down the yogi path is so essential… pulled out notes from when i studied in yoga and reading new texts is really helping me find stability. … cutting myself slack, that’s another thing that’s going to take a lot more time to master… lol

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