i could fall in love…

I could fall in love if you’d let me
instead of rambling incessantly
of coulds, woulds and ifs,
playing out movies of fiction in my head
singing songs of loss and dispair.

I could fall in love if only you’d shut up
with your banterings of failed fairy tales
and reruns of love’s battles lost
who asked you anyway?
asked you to weigh in on
something that is a matter of the heart
and no concern of yours.

go back to sleep
in the depths of the recesses of my mind
stop muttering your doubts in my ear
and leave me alone
to follow the path I choose.

sure, there is risk
no guarantees the snakes won’t bite
but their venom is worse than yours;
theirs can be cured…
theirs comes with the pleasure of the journey.

yours is one of paralysis
leaving your victim to watch
eyes open
as life journeys by,
as opportunity dances with passion.
frozen in fear
as happiness enjoys a leisurely stroll
hand in hand with contentment.

I could fall in love if you’d let me.
and perhaps it’s time you did.


24 thoughts on “i could fall in love…

  1. Bravo! Seems we share a similar voice…can’t make it too easy on ourselves. A sick and twisted form of defense against the hurt…but even hurt is better than numb…still, the voice continues. Be you, fall in love, break your heart, and love again…shut him up for good!

  2. ugh..sometimes it’s so difficult to get these inner voices quiet…and they really don’t help much at all..if there was only a turn-off button…ugh…felt write..and so hope that you will be able to fall in love again… and welcome at dVerse..smiles

  3. To brave the search for love over the voice of ghosts past is the strength I read in your words. Very encouraging. Makes me want to eat chicken wings and drink a beer 🙂 Excellente. Great to see you here.

  4. Good one. Indeed love is always a risk. And, yes, you never know when the snake might bite!! Better to err on the safe side, I think, if there is any doubt.

  5. perhaps it is time you did….those voices can be crippling if we let them…i like how you address them directly….did not realize i was here back in january…its nice to return to them…all tooreal still you know…smiles…

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