muse makes a plea

I could be your Muse…

Drifting through your mind
at inappropriate times
bringing a soft, shy smile
to your soft, smooth lips.

Dancing with visions,
waltzing with thoughts
innovation’s partner
bringing life to dreams
that until now
have been lost in deep slumber
cuddled down in feathers of subconsciousness.

As your Muse…

I will bring
new motivation to mundane endeavours
light pathways to success
while strengthening your shield
protecting you with love and lust
giving you inspiration to find more
uncovering treasures locked in the depths
of your mind…
tarnished locks,
that have been yearning
for your Muse to find the key.

I’ve found it… now let me do my job.


5 thoughts on “muse makes a plea

  1. Could be??? you have been my muse since the first day I saw you trip the lights fantastic with your dance moves and smile…

  2. It’s under control I tell myself,
    I’m starting to believe it.
    I concentrate on others,
    But I know I can’t deceive it.

    It’s always there I tell myself,
    There’s no way I can defeat it.
    I speak to friends I’ve never met,
    That’s how I tend to treat it.

    The outward smile upon my face,
    Is finally back for real.
    Gone is the numbing cold,
    And the sun I finally feel.

    I surround myself with people,
    Who are positive and good.
    I’m right back where I need to be,
    Forever…knock on wood.

    Sex and drugs or rock and roll,
    Have not been my addiction.
    But loneliness and bitterness,
    Are the root of my affliction.

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