EGO gets a talking to…

seriously EGO
enough is enough.
stop with your fits
and toddler style temper tantrums.
leave the whisperings
and whinings in the corner
where you sleep.
(on that note, stop robbing me of mine)

i have no time for such nonsense
clouding my days
sucking dry my motivation
occupying my thoughts
with such negatives…
wasted thoughts
wasted emotions.

stop screaming your “what ifs”
stop preaching your “i need mores.”
stop wasting my precious time
with stuff that might not happen.
creating dilemmas where there are none
dramas out of situations
stuff out of nothing.
evil monster of doubt
stop plaguing me.

you have to stop thinking of the past
worrying about the future
and just be…
plain and simple
just be…
here in the present
so i can do the same.


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