The Return of the Madam… madness subdued, reality resurfaces

my parents, 1995, when both were alive and well.

Out of the murky depths of anxiety and depression, the Madam raised her weary head. First one finger poked through the pools of worry, rippling through sadness as she finally touched bottom with the slightest of tippy toes.

Gasping for breaths not laden with memories of moments lost, she slowly finds sure footing and starts the long, arduous journey back to the land of the living. The land where body walks amongst other like bodies, and speech is not only heard in one’s head. Fear held her in its quicksand for many a long minute, yet now she finally finds the strength to look beyond what was gone and find faith in what the future had yet to fulfill. A strength found by living steadfastly in the present.

It was here that she found her armour to continue her journey. Here, that she heard the gentle song of happiness start its melody again. And it is here that she will maintain her focus, knowing not everything can get done in one moment and in time all things will eventually will find completion. It is here she is reminded every challenge is yet a lesson to be learned, each bringing with it a joyous new beginning.

And as she finally rose, naked and shivering out of the depths of despair, she shook off uncertainty and dressed in the cloaks of determination. Determination to find her path back to all things bathed in positive light. To continue her journey towards prosperity on all levels – financial, spiritual and physical.

In other words… I’m back bitches. And while I’m still mourning, I’m moving forward, one baby step at a time… `coz that’s pretty much all we can do. Defeat is not an option. Especially when you’re absolutely attached to a little one.

The journey continues….


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