Thoughts from a Pensive State of Mind… a reflection on the path to wellbeing

at ajanta caves, india

As I sit here on the first morning of the yoga retreat, in the quiet misty haze of the countryside of Bras d’Or, I am hit with the realization for the first time since my world fell partly apart, that the universe really does have something in store for us and worrying about what it is… is, well, pointless.

When I say universe, perhaps I mean life, perhaps I mean higher power or God, perhaps I just mean destiny. Whatever I mean, it feels as if right now, in this exact moment, as I watch the horses lazily eat the hay and listen to the bird sing their morning greetings, that only this moment exist and that’s all that’s important. Worrying in the future, which is the sound of the distant cars on the racing on the highway, is a fruitless endeavour because it will always be one step ahead. Our actions in this moment may dictate the colour of our future it is really simple, but we really can’t change what the future brings.

Instead, focusing on the footsteps we take in today is what is important. And worry really has no place for in this moment because if hinders our judgement, like clouds hide the sun, because we get lost in this place of worry instead of seeing the paths to prosperity.

So we must live in this moment. Breathing the air of today, not worrying about the air of tomorrow or choking on the air of yesterday. It is the leaves rustling today that we see now and worrying about raking them in the future means we’re missing the beauty of life presented to us at that moment.

Maybe I’m pensively considering time because hidden in the Annfield Manor Bed and Breakfast it is as if time itself has stopped in 1893 when it was build. I guess this makes me reminiscent of past and aware of future but more than this, as I sit in the early morning quiet while the rest of the house sleeps, I am fully in the now for perhaps the first time since my father died five months ago, that time when the world I knew unraveled around me. And it feels good to not be plagued by these ghosts.

This is indeed the best head space to be in for a yoga retreat but more importantly, it is the best head space to live in as I continue to move forward, positively down the path of prosperity, fulfillment and happiness, holding hands with my love, my sweet little daughter.

Now the trick is, how to maintain it when the serenity of the space is no longer surrounding me. That is the question of the moment. *scratches head in a yogi kinda way*


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