A Conversation Between Children… observances of a younger mind

the players, summer 2012

Davis Grace Sophia, age 3
Brooklyn Musgrave, age 4

For today, Brooklyn will be playing the part of “Mom” and Davis will be playing the part of “Daughter.” According to Davis, Brooklyn always plays the mom.

B: (sweet, upbeat voice) OK sweetie, go to the park.
D: (walking to luv seat, sits) OK, Mom. (grabs stuffed bunny)
B: (sweet, upbeat voice) OK sweetie. It’s time to go. Let’s go home
D: (sweet, uninterested voice) OK Mom. (walks to sofa with bunny)
B: (angry, stern voice) Put that back. (points at bunny)
D: (slightly mad, challenging voice) It’s my toy. I left it at the park and I went to get it.
B: (slightly unbelieving, slightly stern voice) Well, if that’s what you say, sweetie. If that’s what you say. (rolls eyes)

End Scene

(Totally makes you wonder what they really think of ya, doesn’t it? )

editor’s note”luv” is spelt correctly for this post. the writer wishes to call artistic license.


2 thoughts on “A Conversation Between Children… observances of a younger mind

  1. bahahahahahahaha, thats hilarious babe… it figures Brookie would be the mom, loves to be the boss of EVERYBODY, lol, including me… of course that usually doesn’t work out in her favor, hahaha… was this a convo from last night per chance?? love the pic… it does make you wonder what they think of us, though how we say it and how they see it are always two different things 🙂

    • yeah totally from last night, and watching the way they were acting it out was too much… brookie the mom getting mad at davis the daughter for bringing home a toy from the park, davis the daughter quick to have a reason why, and brookie the mom not really believing her but giving her the benefit of the doubt, but still lecturing her…

      at first i was like “OMG they think us Moms are mean.” then i was like “awww… they see us as sort of forgiving… but doubting…” LOL.

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