Fishing in the Sea of Unknown… to cast the line or not?

fishing, oh fishing… what will you bring me this time?

as she readies herself for complete submersion again, she timidly puts one toe in the tepid water. cooler than she remembered, but still faintly familiar. finding the courage to go a little deeper she placed one foot flat on the muddy bottom and let it sink a little. the other followed on its own accord. ankle-deep she stood there, feeling the water encompass her toes while the muddy bottom slowly crept up the sides of her feet.

“it’s so calm,” she thought, “and uncertain.

starting across the lake, waiting to cast her line for the third time in that many seasons, she wondered what was waiting for her out there. nourishment? fulfillment? nothing? did she already let her fish get away? shaking her head, she knew she wouldn’t know unless she tried.

gingerly, she took another step deeper, breathing in the air of possibility and decided to try her luck again. fishing was one of those things. you had to enjoy the process of casting that line in hopes of finding the one or else it all became a waste of time.

would her fishing trip be like the last? all fish too young to enjoy? or like the first full of those past their prime and too tough to enjoy? will she reel in plenty of those already committed to spawn with another? there is no telling what the line might bring in. she sighed. no telling whatsoever.

perhaps that’s the excitement of fishing. casting that line with the hope that a beauty is going to get snagged, excitement that increases as the line is tugged and pulled. reeling in your catch to see if they’re a good feed… tossing them back if they’re not… all part of the process. it only takes one line to catch the right one, but you get so many that aren’t, you gotta enjoy the process of trying or else there’s no point. you might as well just give up.

numbness starts in her toes. she puts the rod aside. walking back to shore she tells herself, “that’s enough for today. one step at a time. i’ll get my catch tomorrow. tonight i’ll eat veg.”



5 thoughts on “Fishing in the Sea of Unknown… to cast the line or not?

  1. “it only takes one line to catch the right one, but you get so many that aren’t, you gotta enjoy the process of trying or else there’s no point. you might as well just give up.”

    But how does one enjoy the process? That is the question.

    • that is the question… perhaps enjoying the moments the line is out and searching… savoring the moments the bait are biting but not actually hooking on… perhaps it’s just the minute of solitude that we should enjoy as part of the process… such a question leaves so many challenges when it comes to answering it fully, completely.

  2. The problem with fishing these days is that even if you use the right “bait” you’ll walk away empty handed if there are fishermen(women) are casting huge nets upstream and dragging in so many “fish” that very few can make it to where you are standing. Those folks will drag in a lot of “fish” most of which they have no interest in savouring and they would rather let the ones they don’t want go bad on the riverbank rather than release them. The trick is to move upstream ahead of the cull, find an unspoiled pool and cast your line there where the fish are still innocent and unsuspecting…where their flesh is still pink and firm. Choose your lures wisely and don’t fight them once they’re hooked, just let them come to you in their own time. Once you’ve reeled one in have a good look at it and if it’s not suitable, release it (if you can catch one, you can catch many). When you catch one you like make sure it is clean and not contaminated before you bring it home and make sure it hasn’t been previously tagged, ya don’t want anyone to think there’s something fishy going on. Then, crack open a nice bottle of white wine, slip into something comfortable and let your “fish” know things are about to heat up. As you taste the fresh texture of your newly caught “fish” don’t be afraid to add a little sauce, it could make for a good evening…but then what do I know, I’m a “dear” hunter myself…lol

    • perhaps then i need to get hipwadders for the expedition… and will have to work on my strategies for insuring the fish is “clean & not contaminated” 😉

      and you seem to describe the fishing experience quite well for a “deer” hunter:) teeheehee

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