Weekday Mornings… toddler tactics can make you late

Davis you have to get ready.
Davis did you brush your teeth yet?
Get dressed Davis.
No, Mommy won’t brush your teeth for you.
We’re going to be late, Davis.
Did you brush your teeth?
Why are you in your underwear again?
Mommy has to get ready, I can’t brush your teeth for you.
You’re a big girl Davis. You can get dressed yourself.
How many times do I have to ask you to brush your teeth?
What is wrong with those pants?
Please, go and brush your teeth… NOW.
What are you crying for?
You need help brushing your teeth? I think you can do it yourself.
Davis! Brush your teeth now.
No, you can’t come to work with me.
Did you wash your face?
Yes, you can go to pre-school. You aren’t that sick any more.
No, I won’t brush your teeth.
Davis! Mommy’s late now.
Davis… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Monday, oh Monday, I love how you challenge me so…. with little reminders of how hard it is to get your child ready to leave the house so you won’t be late. Oh Monday, thanks for keeping me on my toes by making my Monday just that much more of a challenge to get out the door on time. Thanks. If it wasn’t for your manic ways I don’t know what I would do.

Oh wait. Yes I do. I’d be out the door on time, calmly, without a clingy toddler crying as I drop her off at pre-school.

There must be a way to get clingy, crying toddler to embrace Monday and ever weekday that follows. There must! And damn it, I’ll find it if it kills me.

So thanks again, Monday, for reminding me I need to make this my mission.


5 thoughts on “Weekday Mornings… toddler tactics can make you late

    • *sigh* don’t you remember those days when we could be slightly rushed, get ready in even 30 minutes, and still make it on time???? now it takes me at least 2hours to get us both out the door in the morning… there must be a solution … there must be a way to get the toddler into getting ready on time damn it! how do we get toddlers to understand the concept of “late for work” ???? *scratches head*

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