Beware of Predators in the Waters… the fishing continues

Dawn was pulling itself out of the slumber of night as she stared from the patio to the water she’d been surveying for a few days now. Only a few days, such a short time to realize fishing in those murky depths proved more dangerous than originally anticipated.

Perhaps you always knew the dangers which is why you chose to avoid the exploration for so long.

Sipping her bitter-sweet, strong coffee she noticed a rippling of the water. Then another. No doubt it was the cold, hard predator, looking to get another bite. The look in their eyes was enticing but she knew in no way would it bring her soul the sustenance she desired… or deserved.

It’s only one breed. You can navigate around it.

Pensively, she drew her eyes from the water to see the full, round sun start its early morning rise. Breathing in the energy of its light she wondered if ever she’d find those mythical swimmers from the sun… the sunfish she’d heard so much about. Those special creatures whose light inside is rumoured to fed you with energy to grow, love and live in a way that you could never really understand unless you had enjoyed the taste of its flesh.

Does such a thing even exist?

The splash in the water grew as the predator raised its head, jumping fully out of the water. Her thoughts disturbed she stared at the potential catch doing it’s best to invite her to take him out of the waters and into her kitchen. Staring at it, she was amazed at its beauty. The shiny, rainbow coloured scales reflected the morning light in wonderous beauty. But there was something else around this fish. Something dark. Something insincere.

Not today. The fish you want aren’t biting today.

Bringing her now cold coffee to her lips she sipped and planned her next trip. Maybe a boat might bring her more luck.

Better walk the dog and leave the fishing for tomorrow.

Listening to her inner voice, she made her way in the cabin to get dressed.


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