Halloween… a reflection of the night that passed

oooohhhh… what should i be for halloween???

Halloween. That special time of year where kiddies get dressed up and go around asking people for treats. A holiday that’s all about giving kids unhealthy processed sugary snacks that wind them up and make them crash… crash hard.

So many fun things to do over many days. And this year, our Halloween went like this:


Saturday before Halloween – Halloween Craft & Halloween Party at a friend’s house.

I had my friend’s kids for the weekend. The youngest went for a nap so I decided to do a Halloween craft with the girls. Nothing fancy just some witches heads with styrofoam balls, construction paper and yarn…

Brooklyn, my friend’s kid, loved the craft…

Princess D, on the other hand, did not….

Apparently glue on the hands is too much for Princess D to endure.

For the party Princess D decided since her best friend, Brooklyn, was being a pop star she wanted to be one too. Thus, I said, go look through your dress up clothes and pick out a pop star costume. She came out with this on….

Notice the bare belly. Mama says, “Davis! You can’t wear that. You need something to cover your belly. Wear your dance leotard under it.” To which Davis replies:

“But if I do not show off my belly my friends will not say, Davis you look beautiful.”

(She’s three. If I’m going through this now, I shudder to think what it will be like at 13.)

Mama won. Black leotard was worn and we did some pop star make-up which make Princess D turn into serious goth rocker…

Sunday before Halloween – Not So Scary Woods Walk for kids

Last year we went and it was awesome. Davis was fully into it and believes to this day that she really did help kill the dragon. And she’s still terrified by it. When we got to the walk she went up to the woman working and said, “This year my Mama is gonna kill the dragon.” Yes, I got an extremely puzzled look from the lady. It was an Alice in Wonderland theme. No dragons to kill there.

Davis wanted to resume the pop star make-up without the clothing….

Pretty good walk, not as scary as last year, and my kid was good. I had my friend’s kids with me who weren’t so good on the other hand. At least not in the leaving part. Both had tantrums, the oldest (4yrs) because I wouldn’t take her around the walk again (it cost me $28 to do it the first time with all of them) and the youngest (2yrs) at the car because he realized we were going and flatlined. I had a Proud Mommy moment once we were in the car because my kid was grateful for the experience and a Relieved Mommy moment because I wasn’t a single mom with three kids.

Monday before Halloween – at preschool

Excitement continues to build. Davis’ teacher (who is incredible) painted her students’ faces. Davis was a rainbow puppy dog…

Halloween Day – preschool then trick or treating

First there was the Halloween party at preschool, which meant she came home with a bag full of treats, which meant Princess D wouldn’t eat any supper….

Then we got dressed, which wasn’t an easy feat. Seems Princess D was thinking Halloween was all over, so Mama was rushing around like a chicken with her head cut off trying to get dishes done and child dressed who was now hopped up on sugar and didn’t want to stand still. Eventually, Mama succeeded with beads of sweat dripping down her face and Princess D because flamenco dancer Spanish princess girl….

Out we went in the car to hit up family and friends first. This is where Princess D had her first sugar crash and became lifeless and shy. At first I thought she’d been possessed by an evil spirit who makes outgoing kids quiet. Then we got home to do the neighbourhood and the real Princess D returned….

Happily running through the neighbourhood with her friends it was brilliant to see them having so much fun. I’ll be honest though, a part of me cringed as that bag got heavier and heavier.

The last houses were a full on mission for Princess D who by now was tired of trick or treating and really wanted to get home. Healthy Mommy did a dance of joy since that meant less treats that could possibly make it in her belly tonight.

Home we went. Davis and her bestie Brooklyn sat down to eat treats and unwind…

And now the treats are hidden in a cupboard where she’ll get one or two a day while she recovers from the sugar hangover she has today.

Halloween. So much fun. So much sugar.


2 thoughts on “Halloween… a reflection of the night that passed

    • it definitely does:) much easier this year out & about, but getting her ready was a wee bit harder… mostly because the preschool element meant she really could have done without the trick or treating (she wasn’t as fussed about it and didn’t want to get ready) … however, it is these younger years where we really have to enjoy it with them because soon they’re older and don’t want us there. then they aren’t into it anymore.

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