Make That Pumpkin Into A Flower-Pot… crafts with kids

After having spent a night away from my baby girl I came home to a house that needed cleaning and a toddler who missed me. So I did what any good parent would do… suggested we spend the next hour and a half doing a craft instead of cleaning the house.

What we did was make “rainbow pumpkin flower-pot” aptly named by Princess D herself.

I’ve used pumpkins as flower pots before but saw on the cover of Chatelaine magazine a painted one. But in true Nikki-styles, instead of going super-home-deco-Martha Stewart style Mom I opted to let toddler decide what to paint it. Thus, the rainbow was born.

First we collected our materials…

no davis.. don’t touch those scissors!

Then we got started. First, cleaning the pumpkin was necessary….

go princess d go!

Then it’s time for Mommy to cut open that pumpkin…

no, i won’t touch that knife, mama.

Of course we had to take out all the seeds and mushy insides…

picture taken moments before the “get it off my hands” melt-down

The eco-friendly side of me decided to scoop out as much of the pumpkin flesh as we could to use in smoothies. Davis loved using the spoon way more than her hands…

stuff we couldn’t use went in the compost of course…

If you decide to scoop out more flesh, your pumpkin flower-pot will only last about a week. If you don’t you can get up to a month from it.

After the scooping came the preparation… drawing the pumpkin. I tried to make it a learning experience by writing down the colours. I wouldn’t recommend it since you could see the marker through the paint – but don’t I get bonus points for being that over achieving Mom type?

over achiever mommy fail – free hand painting means no black marker under paint

Black marker or not, Princess D and I painted her rainbow pumpkin to completion…

aaaahhhh… a toddler masterpiece 😉

But wait! It can’t be left without sparkles…

sparkles in the hair…

And then our rainbow pumpkin flower-pot is done. We let it dry overnight then put in our flowers and Presto! Our kitchen table is that much more fabulous.

pretty pumpkin, messy table… please don’t judge!

What do you think? Have any other pumpkin craft ideas? Would love to hear them.


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