To The Bitter Man Who Can’t Take Rejection

to all the biter men out there...

to all the biter men out there…

This is the story
of the Wee Bitter Man.
Not wee-like in stature,
Just wee-like in substance.
The story of the Wee Bitter Man
Who couldn’t take rejection.
Who pretty much lost his shit
When his month long quest
To bed the lovely lady with red lips
Fell short of his much desired goal.

See, Wee Bitter Man
Thought woes of kisses and lust
Were enough to make
His online crush drive three hours to see him.
A mere stranger with only pictures of
Wasted nights and double-fisting beers.
Pictures of t-shirts showcasing a proper beer belly
Quite impressive for one a few years shy of 40.

Alas, it wasn’t as if Wee Bitter Man wasn’t given a chance.
At first the well spoken Red Lipped Lass thought,
“Hmmm… he seems funny, and looks aren’t everything.”
She thought she’d give him a chance.
But try as she might to tell him these promises
Of nights in bed and naked encounters were not inspiring
Wee Bitter Man just didn’t know when to stop.

“You’ll get conversation when we’re drinking beer,”
Was the promise Wee Bitter Man made.
Yet the Red Lipped Lass felt this was not worth
The gas for a voyage she started to see
Would be as much a wasted of time as money.

Alas, she got bored.
Said one last night,
“I need more stimulation than promises of kisses.”
He said he hoped they could drink beer and eat wings
And she knew this encounter was not for her.

Red Lipped Lass stopped chatting.
Wee Bitter Man tried harder to get his want
“Are you waiting on all fours for me yet?”
Were the words he sent.
And with those words typed
He sealed the coffin
With the nail gun on full force.

And then when Wee Bitter Man realized
Red Lipped Lass was completely turned off,
Out of reach and never going to be his.
So he did what only a Wee Bitter Man would…
And wrote:
“Fuck Off”
As if he was denied something he was entitled to.

Red Lipped Lass laughed inside,
Hit BLOCK and smiled.
Another bitter man exposed
As she continued her search
For the man who could be more than
An immature child.

(Moral of the story: just because a woman chats with you online and entertains the idea of meeting with you doesn’t mean she owes you anything… and boys, if you want a lady, treat her like one.)

And what do you think of this Wee Bitter Man??? Does he have the right to be mad? Love to hear your thoughts.


20 thoughts on “To The Bitter Man Who Can’t Take Rejection

    • lol:) yeah, totally about me not liking beer and chicken wings. *giggles*

      i really don’t get how some men feel they are entitled to sex but because they message you online or you say you might go out on a date with them. as i’ve matured i find it completely childish… and disgusting.

  1. Men need to realize that the way to impress a woman is through her mind not her pants! The pants will come [off] in time….foreplay the mind….

    Keep searching…..HE is out there….the fun is in trying to find him!!!!

  2. im sure he would never have said a peep to you if he seen you in a coffee shop. just another wee boy trying out his big boy pants via the internet chat!

  3. And I thought there were only wee bitter women in the world. What an eye opening piece. I’ll take note: Chicken wings and beer do not equate to sex as an on-line, line. Go figure. I thought that would have sealed the deal, especially with a beer belly and witty comebacks like, fuck off. I have a lot to learn. Sorry for interupting your world. Had a nightmare about level headed, mature people playing hockey and being thankful for being paid handsomely to do what they love and knock people’s teeth out. It was frieghtning. BUT to your credit, I was totally entertained by your composition, and with the combination of your dry wit, and a clonazepam, I may get back to sleep yet. Thank you very much. BTW, I wasn’t inferring (right word? Spelling?) your piece made me sleepy, because I am trying to chemically induce a return to sleep at the same time. But you made me laugh at life and that is always relaxing. I can’t remeber how I stumbled on your blog, but it was/is refreshing. Good night.

    • thanks for reading the piece:) and yes, these are good rules to live by if you happen to be looking to score in online dating land *giggle* … btw: if you would love to share your view, as a male, regarding the wee bitter women in the world, i would be honoured to feature it on seriously single… i always aim to get both sides of the spectrum when it comes to dating and life. much respect. hope sleep returned in a way that induced slumber full of hockey puck dreams.

      • I did not dream of hockey pucks, but I did sleep. Thank you very much. I will consider a commentary on wee bitter women of the world, but I don’t understand why my point of view would be from the other side of the spectrum just because I am a male. To me it would be semi-normal, rational adults versus the wee bitter others of the world. I would bet we view these, wee bitters, from some common ground. A bitter male or female is going to be just as much an asshole to either one of us, right? Wrong? A wee bitter telling either one of us to fuck off because they didn’t sweep us off our feet with beer and chicken wings would probably make us both laugh and pitty the wee bitter whiner. Anyway, those be my male thoughts on the subject from Mars. I hope life is good on Venus. I’m off to try this sleeping thing out again.

      • perhaps it is true it would be the same perspective… but the tactics might be different, no? alas, as a woman i don’t get to see how women play these games… do they expect the same? with one online conversation do they assume they’re getting lucky? i really wonder if women are as crass as men online… i’ve been told yes, but really haven’t been given examples as to how.

  4. I have absolutely no idea. I have zero experience with agressive on-line scoring women. I have never went on line in hopes of scoring a piece of ass. But in other on-line activity I have found many women to be subtle, leaving a suggested doors of opportunities open, but when I don’t acknowlege the invitation, I have never received any, “Fuck offs.” I’m more of an in person type of guy. There is a certain look in woman’s eye I like. There’s an attitude of being and not searching I like. There’s a certain sound/tone/rhythm to a woman’s voice I like. There’s an honest smile I like. But number one, they have to know how to slow dance. I really do not know anything about a woman until I slow dance with them. And the woman does not have to be from any certain economic status; they can be the second violin with the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal, a blues guitarist fan in a small night club in Detroit, a disaster activist in Československo, a save the pengiun student activist in Argentina, a singer/songwriter in Nashville, a cowgirl in Wyoming, a coffee waitress in Denver, a lead singer of a Christian rock band out of Texas, a real estate agent, or a radio personality from the far eastern shore of Canada. But they have to slow dance. I don’t usually pick up on these traits on line. So I do not think I can help you any. It sounds like an interesting study though. But womem are usually pretty cool in pre-date status and in my on-line experiences. Now afterwards, like in any relationship, however it is, or was defined, or not defined, can turn some into a wee(ish) bitter type person. But in their defense, they probably had a right to some expectations. I have had my heart broken and have demonstared some tendancies not to create situations for that to happen again. And that doesn’t always work for some:) So I have had some experience with the weeish bitter females, but not from on-line, unmet expectations. I do like reading your writing however. So if you do not mind I will continue to follow your posts and maybe chime in from time to time. Thank you for helping me back to sleep the other night. And a final note, I have given up on professional hockey this year. That is big news I know. Thanks for the break, so I guess that makes this a successful blog! Take care and good luck.

  5. I have a hard time believing you would be interested in a man with a beer belly to begin with. I mean, really? you need to be a little more shallow (or particular). people may not be able to help their genetics, but how they present themselves is a sign of what’s inside.

    • perhaps that the thing with online dating. you see very little of the person. i was mildly attracted to what appeared to be wit at first… but really it was just the same old lines, without any substance.

      i also agree how you present yourself does show something about what’s inside… but i’ve been trying not to judge all books by their covers… i’m thinking i need to read the titles more in depth before opening the book, though.

  6. And of course, let me guess, the wee bitter women are really wonderful people and THEY have all the substance? Of course they do!

    • any wee bitter person of any sex has no substance at all… however, i don’t generally encounter wee bitter women because i don’t generally date them… but they are out there.

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