From the Mouths of Toddlers… things princess d says

princess d likes to put on her own lipstick...

princess d likes to put on her own lipstick…

Time now for another edition of Things Princess D Says. Things that from the mouth of babes has just a wee bit more humour (and other things) than from the mouths of those further down the path of life.

In the bathroom…

Mommy: Oopps.. you just farted.
D: No I didn’t. My ‘gina burped. *serious eyes*

At the kitchen table… because she was told no peanut butter sandwich, eat supper.

"look mommy... fur!!!!"

“look mommy… fur!!!!”

D: I HATE you.
Mommy: You hate me? That’s not a nice thing to say.
D: I don’t hate you forever, just right now. Until you give me my peanut butter sandwich.

In her bedroom… after being told it was past her bedtime & she could decorate the Christmas tree for half an hour only if she put on her jammies, brushed her teeth and washed her face.

D: *putting on jammies, crying* I do not want to do any of those things.
Mommy: Well, it’s past your bedtime and that is the only way your staying up.
D: *climbing into her bed* I will just take a break, in my bed, with the light on so I will stop sooking and whining.
Mommy: You are taking a break in your bed?
D: *pulling bedsheets up to her chin, grabbing Helly Kitty in death hug* Yes, I am taking a break with the light on. Close the door so I can not hear your music.

In the kitchen… after pulling a wish bone.

Mommy: D! You got the big side. You get to make a wish!!!
D: I wish I could have a daddy… and that my poppy would come back down from Heaven so he can hug and kiss me.
Mommy: *heart breaks, inserts perma-grin*

Yes, from the mouths of babes, I hear the words that remind me how much Princess D is truly my daughter.



9 thoughts on “From the Mouths of Toddlers… things princess d says

    • it is the hardest wish to hear… although i find the wish for Poppy to come back even harder because she looks at me with these terrified eyes that are lined with hopefulness, because she knows it won’t happen but really wants to hug him again.

      • I can imagine that one would be even harder for you Nikki 😦 My heart breaks for you gals…you’re a strong woman!

      • you are too tashia:) and so are our little girls. you know, if it wasn’t this right now it would be something else. we can’t protect our children from life for very long at all. xo

      • Thx Nikki 🙂 We definitely both have amazing little girls, we are so blessed! And I agree, there’s always something.

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