A Prayer to the Cleaning Fairy…

the elusive cleaning fairy... myth or perfection?

the elusive cleaning fairy… myth or perfection?

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I ask you sweet fairy,
Please, let me awake
to a house that’s nice and clean.

Cleaning Fairy, I need you.
I need some motivation,
My house is far from organized
And I am at a loss for preparation.

Clothes are everywhere
Dishes piled in the sink.
Christmas decorations
All over the place.

I fear if I don’t get clean back
I’ll never recover the cat
Covered in laundry,
Or find my kid under that mats.

Yes, I’ve falter of late
To keep up with my
Martha Stewart style preen.
I could make excuses
But then whose listening?

It’s the mess that needs cleaning,
Not my lack of time management skills..
Or my lack of man for the manly chores.
Or my lack of love for cleaning frills.

For I’d rather play with my toddler
After a long day of work.
Rather chill with my baby
Then continue the work
Of organizing my space.

But seriously it’s gotten out of control.
I can’t think through the mess
And Santa won’t find the tree.
So please Cleaning Fairy…
Won’t you come and visit me???


It’s been way to hard…
with Christmas, and life and toddler in tow.
To keep up to society’s standards…
Sweet fairy, no offense,
but you didn’t set them low.

How can I live up to mother’s of the past?


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