Christmas, ‘Tis the Season to be Tired… when putting your kid to bed doesn’t work

it was so easy when toddler couldn't walk...

it was so easy when toddler couldn’t walk…

Last night:

8p.m. Toddler misses bedtime due to babysitting neighbours 4year old so she could go to older son’s Christmas concert (fyi: the school only allows 2 tickets per family so younger son couldn’t go.)

8:30p.m. Gets toddler ready for bed. Jammies on, teeth brushed, face washed.

8:45p.m. Settles toddler in bed with a short movie. Mommy starts wrapping presents to be sent.

9:15p.m. Toddler exclaims movie is over, Mommy tucks toddler in.

9:20p.m. Toddler freaks out because she wants Mommy to go to bed. Mommy brings in nightlight, says goodnight again.


yeah, opening presents if fun.

9:25p.m. Toddler comes out of bed. Mommy explains she has to wrap presents. Puts toddler back to bed with another movie, tells toddler not to get out of bed.

9:45p.m. Toddler sneaks out of room, tells Mommy she needs to come to bed. Mommy puts toddler back to bed and tries to get more gifts wrapped.

10:05p.m. Toddler comes out of room again. Mommy gives up, opts for wrapping presents since they won’t get to family for Christmas if she doesn’t get them in the mail. Victory #1 for Toddler.

10:45p.m. Toddler still up, Mommy exhausted stops wrapping presents and goes to bed with Toddler. Victory #2 for Toddler

The Next Morning….

5:00a.m. Alarm goes off. Mommy changes time to 5:30a.m. Goes back to sleep. Toddler resumes death grip on Mommy while sleeping.

5:30a.m. Alarm goes off for a second time. Mommy hits snooze. Cat resumes sleeping position on Mommy’s back.

yup mommy, i will give you a run for your money. just you wait...

ummm… mommy… are you getting me my breakfast?

6:20a.m. Mommy finally gets up. Toddler sleeps. Cat purrs.

7:05a.m. Mommy wakes Toddler.

7:15a.m. Toddler, too tired, climbs in Mommy’s lap and wants to be hugged and cuddled.

7:25a.m. Mommy puts Toddler down, Toddler whines. Mommy fears worst.

7:30 a.m. Worst is realized. Tired Toddler doesn’t want to listen or do anything. Follows Mommy around house, whining “I want.. I want… I want…” while Mommy gets ready.

7:45a.m. Mommy tries to get Toddler dressed (after 15 minutes of telling her to wash face & brush teeth results in them getting done.) Toddler wants to wear friend’s outfit which is to big. Has minor meltdown when Mommy doesn’t let her. Screams, “I don’t want you anymore.”

this is my serious face... i seriously want you to give me what i want. now.

this is my serious face… i seriously want you to give me my breakfast NOW.

7:47a.m. Mommy has heart to heart with Picant, Toddler’s Elf on the Shelf, telling him he should talk to Santa about Toddler’s not listening. Toddler stares at Mommy with defiant anger.

7:50am. Mommy chases Toddler through house, trying to get her to put on her clothes. Toddler is half naked.

7:55a.m. Mommy catches Toddler and holds her down to put her clothes on. Toddler kicks Mommy trying to put socks on her. Mommy puts socks in school bag and puts Toddler in car to wait for Mommy.

Mommy gets in car, Toddler tells her, “You are breaking my heart.” Fake sobs through drive to preschool.


Ahhhh, Christmas. ‘Tis the season to be tired because todders are too excited to sleep and thus, cause undo stress on Mommy’s who need time away from toddlers to get things done for your arrival. Perhaps Santa will bring Toddler a lesson in going to bed means you’re happy in the morning.

Are you tired this Holiday Season? Would love to hear about it.


3 thoughts on “Christmas, ‘Tis the Season to be Tired… when putting your kid to bed doesn’t work

  1. omg! My son comes out of his room with every excuse at night, finally crashes about an hour and a half after he is put to bed. Then yes, he is a grump in the morning.

    • it’s like a no win situation. if you go lie with them then they are happy in the morning, but then they expected you to be their living teddy bear for ever. if you try to be stern mommy who says stay in bed, you end up exhausting yourself with the constant game of back and forth to the bedroom.

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