New Year’s Resolutions – pt 1: how did 2012 fare?

hmmm... what will my resolutions be this year???

hmmm… what will my resolutions be this year???

Everyone seems to diss New Year’s Resolutions saying, “You make them to break them.”  Perhaps not everyone but there’s a hell of a lot of jokes by January 3rd asking folks if you’ve broken your resolutions yet.

Instead of following the path of naysayers, I’m a yeah-sayer, believing resolutions are a time to see what worked from the year before and what didn’t. It’s a time to set goals and a time to decide to change things that aren’t working for you.

Last year, I made a different set of resolutions (which ironically enough I blogged on the exact day I’m blogging them today…. i think it’s a cosmic sign from the universe.) Instead of them being finite they were slightly abstract. There were no deadlines; my resolutions only focused on how to get started on improving my life and subsequently my daughter’s.  Gone was the stress of trying to stick to the resolution and now it’s time to see how I fared out.  After that, I’ll make my new resolutions for 2013… and I’ll make them carefully.

Last year I resolved to:

1) have more structure in our lives – become Molly Homemaker and have routines for morning, night and weekends.

How did I do in 2012:  Fair. We have somewhat of a routine but let’s face reality, I’m not Molly Homemaker.  We need to start the routine of Princess D helping me clean up at night and me not falling asleep with her when I put her to bed.

don't run from your resolutions...

don’t run from your resolutions…

Last year I resolved to:

2) De-clutter – the continuous desire to have my home in an organized state of being.

How did I do? Good. Still in need of much de-cluttering, office area especially, but I am at a point where stuff in boxes is there because it’s out of season. However, the new challenge will be de-cluttering my family home this year so the de-cluttering dilemma continues.

Last year I resolved to:

3) Deal with my exhaustion.

How did I do? Excellent. My energy levels are so much better than this time last year. No more debilitating tired that leaves me lying on the sofa while my toddler plays around me. There’s still room to improve my productivity but I feel I know how to and am on the right path (whooo hooo me!)

Last year I resolved to:

4) Deal with the constant pain I was in.

How did I do? Excellent. Oddly enough I was in a car accident this year and suffered whip-lash and nerve damage which I’m still undergoing treatment for, so realistically I should be in more pain now than this time last year but I’m not. My joints don’t ache, I’m not as stiff and I know by increasing my yoga practice and physical activity more I can improve this even more. (more whoo hooos for me!)

Last year I resolved to:

5) Get my finances under control.

How did I do? Good. Mostly out of debt this year, partly due to uncontrollable circumstances and partly due to increasing my income with a few freelance gigs. I can see the potential I have to become completely financially fit and need to focus on this in 2013. I did good last year but I can excel this year if I let myself realize my destiny (hippie nikki had to throw her two cents in here.)

embrace them fully... and love the journey

embrace them fully… and love the journey

Overall… I’d have to say I did pretty well for 2012 maybe a B. I made some resolutions, saw positive change in most of them and now having looked back at them I can see where I need to go for 2013. I also think I’m strong enough to set some finite goals as well, ones that are goal oriented with a specific outcome in mind. I say strong enough because if I don’t succeed I must be strong enough to not beat myself up about them. It’s the trying that is the success.

So the next step in the resolution making process for Nicole Sullivan is making the actually resolutions for 2013 and I’m thinking I’ll do these in 2 more parts: one set of overall goals of improvement for the year and one set of finite successes I want to reap the benefits of. Perhaps the later will be monthly resolutions like I’ve read about on other sites. Who knows except me… when I sit down and do them… which will be soon… really should work on my issues with procrastination.

How do you make your New Year’s Resolutions? Do you think they’re good for the soul or a wasted tradition? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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