The Imagination of Toddlers… santa davis comes to visit

princess d, xmas 2010

princess d, xmas 2010

New Year’s Day – 2013.

My brother and his girlfriend came over for supper, a rosemary butter chicken and spinach ricotta manicotti. A very chill, beautiful family night. Princess D was stoked. Excited as she always is to see her Uncle (whom she now calls her hero) and her “Aunt” (who is family even though no blood is shared.)  She was so excited that of course she couldn’t sit still to eat more than her pre-dinner snack of veggies and cheese so off to the bedroom she went.

We could hear her singing and playing her make-believe games when suddenly it got eerily quiet. Mommy senses went off. “Davis, what are you doing?” I yelled.

Playing,” she responded and I took that at face value.

About 10-minutes later she comes out in a Santa hat and a blanket wrapped up in her arms.

Ho,ho ho,” she said as she gave me the blanket. “Open it up.

Inside was some money (coins), a few necklaces and some plastic bracelets. I guess Santa knows Mommy needs money.

Oh thank-you, Santa,” I gushed and the adults all shared a smirk and giggle.

Off she went and came back with a towel wrapped with a present for Uncle. Inside was one of her sweaters, a stuffy of some sort and jewelry.

Running back to the room we all knew she was coming back with a gift for Brother’s Girlfriend and she didn’t disappoint. But the towel she filled this time was so full she could barely carry it.

Brother’s Girlfriend opened it. Inside was pretty much every costume jewel, ring, necklace and fake pearl she could find. I’m sure there were stuffies and some money too. It was overflowing with toys. I think Brother’s Girlfriend said something along the lines of, “Wow, you have everything in here.”

It was too cute… …. and now I know Santa Davis thinks Brother’s Girlfriend was better behaved than Mommy last year. Either that or she likes her more.

*scratches head*


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