Fishing in Safe Waters… will she find her match?

DSC01715She barely made it back in the boat.

Left arm throbbing, left side of her chest stinging with a pain she’d never felt before, she lay on the bottom of the boat as it floated on the calm blue waters. Trying to regain her breath she stared at the sky and felt the warmth of the sun heating the chill from her wet skin.

What just happened? 

She thought she was fishing in safe waters. Calm, cool, beautiful waters filled with the kind of gentle fish that would give nourishment. The kind that would encourage her to reach her full potential. That would help her find her steady happiness. After weeks of fishing in the sea of predators she thought she’d venture to a place where catching something good was easy.

It was easy.

It didn’t take long until she felt the tug on her line. Looking into the clear waters of the lake she spotted the most beautiful creature she’d ever seen. Captivated by it’s substance and it’s caring eyes she thought this was the one she was looking for. She remembers reaching down to touch it, pulling the line tighter so she could get closer, she remembers it wasn’t sunny when she first saw that fish.

How long was I under?

It was like a beautiful dance. Flashes of falling in the water as it began to pool and swirl around her started popping in her head. The memory of the first gentle touch of that perfect fish came back and in her mind she was back in the water with it. Twisting and turning as it pulled her further and further down to the depths.

Next came the blackness and confusion. The suffocation of not knowing and the pain of no forgiveness. She recalled trying to get away but being stuck in the powers of this gentle fish who said nothing but maybes with its eyes.

How did I get away?

Back in the boat she shuddered at the thought of how close she had come to losing it all. Her hand drifted to her heart and she felt a soaring burning pain. Sitting up, she looked under her torn shirt and saw the scars, knowing instantly they would never go away. Indeed, she was marked for life.

Safe waters it seems also pose a threat.

Left arm still numb, her eyes searched the waters for familiar shoreline. Sun just coming up she deducted she was under longer than she’d anticipated and needed a nap before trying to find her way home. Her head was still fuzzy and confused. No sense trying to row with no sense of direction. Nuzzling into the corner of her boat, she took one last glimpse over the waters to see if that gentle predator was still there. It wasn’t.

In time I’ll heal even though the scars will remain.

As she closed her eyes in hopes of finding rest she thanked herself for remembering to pack a big lunch. She’d need it when she awoke.


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