The Importance of the Manicure… things worth spending money on

new nails

new nails

Today, I received one of the best gifts ever! A free gel manicure.

I love it:)

Not only do my nails look fabulous, they are also something I won. I work in radio. I never win things because I can’t enter them. And winning this was like a gift from Marley’s Urban Hair Design and Lins McSween. Not only do my nails look great, they’ve reminded me what it feels like to be ultra girlie feminine. Fierce. Fabulous. Fiesty. I am a feisty kinda gal. Not gonna lie.

I Love these nails. *inner diva dance of joy*

Photo 181Yes, I’ll admit they are a wee bit long for writing work. Sadly, *insert pouty face* I’ll have to shorten them so I can be efficient in this area. But just enough. They are oddly OK for yoga practice. Did a fabulous one tonight to test them out. Worked like a charm and brought more graceful awareness to my arms. A bonus learning feature to my fabulous nails.

Add that to my stellar haircut from Marley and I feel like a completely fierce, sexy woman. A fashion girl as my three-year old says. Confident and fun. I like that. I might be addicted to my gel nails… which could be a problem since having them costs money in maintenance so I have to assess the budget to see if they’re a luxury I can afford to have right now on a long term basis.

Update: it is near impossible to text on my BB with these nails. Typing is half speed. Nails need to be shorter but I have to keep them at this length for a couple of days… at least one. They’re too much fun not to enjoy for a little bit. Then just a wee bit shorter to make my gel nails functional and life if perfect. Because what good is fashion if it’s not functional?

Would I spend money on them if I could? Most definitely. If my budget can comfortably allow it without swaying some of my other financial goals. I love my gel nails.


1 thought on “The Importance of the Manicure… things worth spending money on

  1. There are not too many things in this world I allow myself. My one hour of nail maintenance on my gel nails every 2 weeks is a must. Try going down to a “sports” length. Still awesome looking but much more do-able for those of us who use keyboards on a regular basis. 🙂

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