letting go.

with reluctant eyes
she lets knots untie,
watches minutes unravel
as days turn into
yarn needing to be wrapped,
twisted into a
round ball,
saved until tomorrow
when perhaps
catching might be
the skill she needs most.


25 thoughts on “letting go.

  1. smiles…saved up for the times she does not need to let go…but hold on…really cool verse…and each time it is different…i guess the challenge is in deciphering which it is…smiles….

    fixed your link at dverse…it went to an older poem…

  2. nice… & i think in a few lines you’ve pretty much covered it all – the need to let go, the reluctance with which we sometimes manage it… & in such a masterful, metaphorical way

  3. Each thread of yarn,
    Within that ball,
    A story to be told.

    Let not their memories,
    Leave your heart…jaded, hard,
    Or cold.

    Decisions made,
    And bridges burned,
    A thing that can’t be sold

    Though every piece of string within,
    Is a little piece if gold.

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