Why I Love Our Trampoline

971056_380993268694045_617357849_nI love our trampoline. Can’t sing the praises for it louder or longer. Seriously the best $400 I spent this summer. But it was a decision I really pondered over because trampolines have such a bad rap.

There’s groups trying to ban them… for “real life” as my 4-year old would say. My sister and a close friend both work in hospitals and they tell me of all the kids who come in with broken arms and other injuries.  Livestrong reports on findings from SoineUniverse.com that say 20% of all spinal injuries are from home trampoline accidents – jumping into each other, falling off the side, attempting to do tricks etc. Since 1990 they say there’s been six deaths attributed to using a trampoline (presumably all these stats are from the US) and the number of injuries attributed to trampolines in 2006 is over 100,000 (various levels of severity to be considered here.) Obviously, all this made me a little nervous about buying a trampoline.

Then I thought about all these other amazing activities we can do that also have risks. Surfing, skiing, skateboarding, cycling … everything has a certain element of risk and danger to it. Why miss out on fun? Risks are a part of life and I don’t want my kid to live a life being over protected. I don’t want my kid afraid to take risks because they she won’t take chances as an adult and we need to take chances to succeed. I want her to say yes to risks so Mama also has to say yes to risks.  My inner child was screaming out her support, “Say yes to the trampoline! Say yes to the trampoline!” and I gave in. Now I’m happy I did and these are the main reasons why:

  • The kids spend hours on the trampoline squealing with excitement
  • It’s fun to watch them have so much fun.
  • There’s no age limit – the trampoline fun is good for kids, teens, adults
  • I love jumping on the trampoline with my daughter.
  • It’s good for you – not only is it exercise jumping on a trampoline flushes your lymphatic system helping it get toxins, bacteria and other yukky stuff our of our bodies (drained and healthy lymphatic system means less illness too.)
  • That drained lymphatic system also helps get rid of cellulite (benefit for mama:)
  • Did I mention how much FUN they are?

1187203_380993682027337_329135162_nDon’t get me wrong, I was a mess the first week or so, policing the thing making sure the kids had the zipper closed (would never get a trampoline without an enclosure) and making sure they weren’t being too crazy. But I’ve relaxed as the kids have all started remembering the rules and giving them to each other. And so far, no injuries just a few arguments.

And every giggle and smile I see from Princess D on that bouncing thing makes me even happier I went with calculated risk over bubble wrapping my kid.


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