The Secret to My Positive Nature … a healthy mama’s approact


give me a yell for Positive Thinking!

I belong to the positivity team. I’m one of those annoying people who always find the upside to every possibly situation. Yes, although I might falter with my own positive belief system from time to time, I never falter at finding the positive side to your situation. Perhaps you aren’t open to hearing it, most times I won’t tell you if that’s the case, otherwise I will tell you and give you encouragement along the way.

It’s me who’ll say the plane was missed because fate was taking you away from someone else’s tragedy. Or the lost purse and money was a lesson in over spending. The boyfriend who broke your heart was a total douche who is going to get his karma next because he hurt the best woman in the world. That’s me.


you can do it! yes you can!

I’m also that woman (I have such a hard time not referring to myself as a girl) who sends positive Tweets and Facebook posts everyday, often more than once. Yeah, I retweet that shit. Some people have said they look for them, some have said it has helped them get through a rough time. Many are annoyed by such constant shouts of positivity (and compassion – many things bring tears to my eyes and who can not speak of those?) But I don’t do them for anyone but me… really, the most honest ones come from me asking the universe / god / allah / durga / *insert faith image here* to give me some words of wisdom to help me get through life and instead of keeping them inside I put them out there for the world to see.

Because there’s a lot of manufactured drama out there, as well as really horrible tragedies. So many energies and economies being fed off of these negative, life sucking dramas. Why not remind people to be as positive as they are? If I need reminding to see my beautiful life is right in front of me: healthy kid(s), happy existence, great job in a peaceful land with no violence or obvious government corruption, then perhaps others with more sorrow, pain or fear might need to hear it too.

By putting it out there in internet land, you are taking up space with positivity. People will see it. By putting it out there someone will see it at some point and if even one other person resonates with it then it’s a good thing. There’s also the ultra hippie / physics belief that everything is energy, even thoughts, and by putting it out there you are putting out the energy of it as well… but we’ll save this for another time.

Basically, I make sure I write these positive messages as a way to get (and keep) my head in the positivity game and I put them out there so other people might find they fit for them at that moment too.  And it’s done wonders for me.

I’m happier a lot more of the time, even more than when they put me on anti-depressants. Focus at work has returned to a level I haven’t had in a number of years. And I feel calmer. When I’m losing my calm it’s easier to get it back. It’s overall effect is by keeping the positive thoughts in my mind is making me healthier and happier.

There’s got to be something to be said about that… hmmm… a test study? must have been done before… but… *puts thinking cap on*


4 thoughts on “The Secret to My Positive Nature … a healthy mama’s approact

    • so powerful. completely. and we have to fight to keep the tricksters out at time. otherwise that take over and ruin everything… hence focus on positive thoughts & gratitude even when feeling shitty and things will turn around.

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