Chasing Money… a neverending race but one to be grateful for


Yesterday I…

Got up at 5.

Walked our foster dog.

Got kids ready for school.

Worked the required 8 hours.

Picked kid up from bus.

Walked foster dog.

Took out garbage.

Made supper.

Cleaned dishes.

Cleaned up dog puke.

Taught yoga.

Worked on freelance gig.

Went to sleep at 2.


All in the chase of money, a better life for my kid, a good home for my kid and inherited teen, peace of mind for me (if there is such a thing.)

I am exhausted. But also…


I am grateful for…


Being able to walk the dog and see the sun on the lake at 5a.m.

Being able to give the kids food and a clean home.

Having a job that is creative and fun.

Having wonderful students I can teach yoga to.

Having a roof over my head and a yard to take care of.

Having opportunities to do freelance work so I can take my family on vacations and adventures.


I am grateful for everything that I have been blessed with, all the challenges that make me stronger, and all the love I am showered with from my cat, foster dog, inherited teen and darling daughter. My life might not be exactly what I thought it would be, but it is the perfect life for me.



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