Dating Someone You’ve Never Met… and the delusions that may result

For the past few months (3 to be exact) I have been “dating” a man I met on Twitter. RCG messaged me there to say he read this blog and was following. We message there for a couple days until going all the way… exchanging phone numbers.

Never in my life have I ever given my phone number to someone I met via Twitter. Never. The idea terrified me but something about RCG’s wit and cool job intrigued me. Plus, he didn’t go the general route of random pee pee pic so my interest was even more peaked.

Jump to 3 months later – daily texts and phone conversations that last for hours and it seems we are “dating” if you can call it that. So hard for someone from the rotary phone generation to wrap their head around the cyber relationship. We live so far apart it is impossible to see each other so this is what it is. That, and the fact that within the first month RCG told me he was asked out on a date and said no because he was seeing someone, makes it seem that I am indeed in a virtual relationship of sorts.

i may have my doubts....

i may have my doubts….

Being who I am, with baggage that I’m hoping to leave at the claim area but those damn clerks keep bringing it back to me, means I periodically go through mental films of possible scenarios this whole thing could be other than a real relationship. And since I’m a writer I go into great detail in my head, with full scenes playing out in imaginary settings. Some of these scenarios include:

i'm so lonely

i’m so lonely

1) RCG is a Collector of Lonely Women – he finds women like me, who have given up on the idea of romantic love as we devote to much time to kids and work, and he smooth talks them to get freaky texts and sexy pics. To which he then keeps in various folders on his computer and shares with other Collectors of Lonely Women in various chat rooms.

show me more tongue

show me more tongue

2) RCG is part of an underground pornography ring, that gets it’s material from unsuspecting women found on the internet (perhaps I watch too much CSI but stranger things have happened.) A master at illusion, he creates a persona that makes the women drop their guard and do things they’ve never done before. All the while he is recording the phone calls, editing them to provide for pay to phone sex customers, and he keeps the naughty, sexy texts to send to the erotica department of the company, where skilled writers use them to compose full length stories and scripts. The ultimate for RCG in the ruse is if he can secure photos and video – since the unsuspecting women make perfect subjects. No acting when you think it’s real.

oops! forgot to tell you.

oops! forgot to tell you.

3) RCG is married. Although he says he’s not, he’s been married for years and is tired of the one woman thing. But he’s too honest to actually physically cheat so he does it via different vixens he finds online, giving them his attention day and night whenever he can. Yet he’s always absent on days like Valentine’s Day because, well, wifey would know something’s up if he was glued to his phone and not her.

give me a taste

give me a taste

4) RCG is a serial killer. Finding his victims online, RCG is patient and cunning. The hunt is as exciting as the kill but he knows he will get the kill. Taking months to make his prey believe every word out of his mouth, skillfully weaving the tale and making her heart his. When he knows he owns them completely, he arranges the long awaited meeting in a hotel room in a city neither of them live in, then he gets his full satisfaction of taking everything from her.

Paranoid delusions? Perhaps. But it is a strange world and strange things happen every day. And let’s be honest, how can you truly trust and believe someone when you’ve never looked them in the eye?

Will I act on them – question him about any of the above or his where-abouts when I don’t hear from him one night or one day? God no. No time for crazy obsession in this head. Maybe I should give these stories more life on paper though. Might make for a good novel one day. And if any of them come true then I can say, “I knew it. Go see for yourself on my blog.”


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