The Power of Love Notes

love note far shotMonday was perfectly living up to it’s reputation.

Princess D missed her bus, so I lost 45 minutes of my morning driving her there. Inherited Teen wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t find a way to get her home, and spending time trying to figure that out made me late for work. And then there were a fair number of small, Monday style annoyances that happened making me wish I had never gotten out of bed.

Then I found a love note in my purse from Princess D. It was from a year ago when she was 5.

love note real frontFolded like a card on the front is says “Mommy. Davis. BFF.” She had just started to fully comprehend what BFF and the concept behind Best Friends Forever meant.

love note frontOn the inside, the message was simple and sweet. “You. Mommy. I. Davis. Love.”

It made me stop for a moment and smile. Tears came to my eyes, happy tears, and suddenly Monday and it’s manic ways didn’t matter anymore. I had my love note to remind me there are bigger things in the world than being late and making mistakes.

Children really can help you put things back into perspective.


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