Getting it Done is More Important than Sleep… a parenting truth

1912090_10152088576033370_762349289_nParenting can be hard but being a single parent can be really, really hard. Not having someone to share the duties with is exhausting. There’s often not enough hours in the day to get everything you need to do done. And when you’re sick that gets even harder.

That’s been me this week. Fighting this brutal sinus/ chest cold thing that started with a painful sore throat and no voice. I work in radio, I need my voice. And I have to work. We’re short one announcer so sick days aren’t an option. I’ve been dosing myself with Oil of Oregano trying to kill it and doing my best to get as much done as I can… but one thing kept getting pushed off the list due to sheer exhaustion – Easter cookies.

Easter crept up on me this year but I had promised Princess D we were going to make cookies for her class. She wanted duckies, Easter Bunnies, and Easter eggs and she was excited. And I tried to find the energy every night we were home to do them but couldn’t. Finally I told her we’d do cookies on the weekend and Mommy would buy treats. My little dollie was disappointed but said that’s ok and rubbed my back as I wheezed and coughed.

there's flour all over her bum and legs .. hehehe

there’s flour all over her bum and legs .. hehehe

Thursday morning I was up getting everything ready when I thought screw it! We’ll make cookies now. She can shower tonight, I can put them in the fridge or snow to cool (i opted for putting the tray on top of a snow bank.) I have everything here JUST DO IT! My inner over achiever was yelling at me to get my butt in gear and we did.

mommy's little baker

mommy’s little baker

Princess D was tired when I pulled her out of bed at 5:45 a.m. to make cookies but it didn’t take her long to wake-up. And we made those cookies she wanted. When I said we’d make icing now, she giggled with excitement, “Finally I am getting to put icing on my cookies.” AND she got to lick the icing off the egg beater BEFORE breakfast. Sugar before noon rarely happens at my house. Rarely as in pretty much never.

We made pink and purple icing and I told her she could only put the icing on if she got ready for school very quickly. It’s a big challenge to get my 6 yo to focus on getting ready for school and I was shocked at how focused she was eating breakfast and washing up. Score 1 for Mom with the motivation works technique.

photo 3We decorated the cookies and she was grinning from ear to ear, complimenting me on my choice of design. I had to help since there wasn’t much time and she loved it. She loved every minute of it. And I realized it doesn’t matter when you do things with your kid, it just matters that you do them. That you take the time out of your day (and generally busy adult life) to do the things they ask you to do. Because soon they won’t want to make cookies with you. Or snuggle with you.  They’ll be big and off doing their own thing and you’ll be wishing you had done more things with them.

photo 4It’s also important because these are the memories that will keep your children close to you as they go through their teen years and become adults. You bond when you get to do fun things like these and I’m betting at some point in her life little Princess D will smile knowing I got up early to make sure cookies were made for her class that day. And if she doesn’t, I know I always will.


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