Let’s Be Like a Normal Family – words from your 6yo

Halloween 2015 - the zombie popstar & her manager (6yo wanted the gory look)

Halloween 2015 – the zombie popstar & her manager (6yo wanted the gory look)

Popstar D (she has asked me to stop calling her Princess) and I watched “The Lady in Black” – a PG 13 ghost story, which was a bit scarier than I thought it would be, so I kept asking D if she was too scared. She kept saying no she was fine and together we giggled at the suspenseful bits. I also tried explaining how certain camera tricks were done to trip us out and she said she was having fun.

But that night she was a little freaked out going to bed, I calmed her, she stayed with me and I reassured her it wasn’t real. It was nothing over the top, so I wasn’t worried.

At about 1a.m. Popstar D woke up and whispered, “Mommy – something touched my head.” I showed her it was the cat and after some more reminders we are OK, it was back to sleep for both of us.

The next morning over breakfast my darling 6 year old looked at me with wide and serious eyes and said, “Mommy, maybe next time we can be like a normal family and you won’t let me watch a movie like that.

So yeah. I have been told. Be more normal.

Although what that is exactly, I’m not sure. And how long my little popstar-wanna-be will enjoy that, I am also not sure. However, I am sure that the next time she begs me to watch something scary I will have to remind her a normal family doesn’t do that and see how well that works.


1 thought on “Let’s Be Like a Normal Family – words from your 6yo

  1. How could you let such a horrible thing happen to that poor little girl, what kind of a monster are you?? Haven’t you taken the time to explain how awful normal people are?!? They walk around doing normal things, wearing ordinary clothes, speaking quietly without really saying much picking up after the dog…oh, and that sick smile they all wear. Oh, they don’t fool me…not one little friggin’ bit!! I know their up to something…or is it there up to something…no wait…they’re up to something!!! You consider yourself a fit mother and yet you let her associate with people like that…what da be-jeepers is wrong with you?!? Seriously, I thought you were better than that…how very disappointing!! You’ll have nobody to blame but yourself when she starts doing normal things..first it’ll be friggin’ Koolaid stands and then skipping rope until one day you’ll look out the window and you’ll see it…Popstar D, playing with all the other normal kids!! But I’m here to tell you…It’s not too late, don’t let it happen…it’s not…well…it’s just not normal!!

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