About Us

Before Davis Grace Sophia was born I was a free spirited. passionate traveler through life. I flitted through careers because staying in one too long became too regimented and … the same. Always waiting for the perfect time to settle my feet and grow my roots.

I worked in the music industry, I traveled, I worked in film, I partied like a rock star, I taught English in South Korea, I studied yoga in India. I lived life to the fullest always searching for the one who would make me wanted to settle.

Davis Grace Sophia was that person.

Since I’ve been blessed with the best gift ever, I’ve found a sense of “groundedness” I’ve never had before. My soul still yearns to fly but now I plan the ways I will. Instead of always wanting results immediately, I’m making plans towards achieving them. My workaholic – always must be doing something personality is learning to relax and play again. I’ve become practical, only allowing my spontaneous nature to get the best of me once in a while. And I’ve learned what it means to truly love.

Now I work as a radio personality on a top 40 country station, 1035 The Eagle, living in my hometown of Sydney, Nova Scotia again. (Finally using my Bachelor of Journalism degree from Carleton University – Mom would be so proud.)  I write when I can and make sure I’m a mother and friend to my sweet angel always.

Yes, I am Seriously Single… but I am Absolutely Attached.


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