Why I Love Our Trampoline

971056_380993268694045_617357849_nI love our trampoline. Can’t sing the praises for it louder or longer. Seriously the best $400 I spent this summer. But it was a decision I really pondered over because trampolines have such a bad rap. Continue reading


The Imagination of Toddlers… santa davis comes to visit

princess d, xmas 2010

princess d, xmas 2010

New Year’s Day – 2013.

My brother and his girlfriend came over for supper, a rosemary butter chicken and spinach ricotta manicotti. A very chill, beautiful family night. Princess D was stoked. Excited as she always is to see her Uncle (whom she now calls her hero) and her “Aunt” (who is family even though no blood is shared.)  She was so excited that of course she couldn’t sit still to eat more than her pre-dinner snack of veggies and cheese so off to the bedroom she went. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions – pt 1: how did 2012 fare?

hmmm... what will my resolutions be this year???

hmmm… what will my resolutions be this year???

Everyone seems to diss New Year’s Resolutions saying, “You make them to break them.”  Perhaps not everyone but there’s a hell of a lot of jokes by January 3rd asking folks if you’ve broken your resolutions yet.

Instead of following the path of naysayers, I’m a yeah-sayer, believing resolutions are a time to see what worked from the year before and what didn’t. It’s a time to set goals and a time to decide to change things that aren’t working for you. Continue reading

New Year, New Body… the detox that must come

Photo 39I Am A Sugar Addict.

There. I said it. I yelled it from the mountainous peak of self-awareness in my brain. It’s not news to me, but it’s not something I willingly say out loud. However, I’m all about being honest and open on this blog and with my daughter it’s time I shouted this statement as well. Continue reading

When Mommy Is Sick… and the stomach flu hits

don't look at me... i'm sick

don’t look at me… i’m sick

When Mommy is sick…

1) She now leaves work halfway through the day knowing she can’t push herself because no one else will take care of precious toddler.

2) When home, instead of going to bed she lies on the floor for 3 hours, in different yoga poses Continue reading

The Peanut Butter Sandwich – healthy or not?

picture from Epicure.com

The peanut butter sandwich, the go to for me when toddler is screaming or won’t eat. And Princess D loves them. She craves them, has major breakdowns when I can’t provide them and I really don’t know if I can get her out of the habit. Continue reading