The Imagination of Toddlers… santa davis comes to visit

princess d, xmas 2010

princess d, xmas 2010

New Year’s Day – 2013.

My brother and his girlfriend came over for supper, a rosemary butter chicken and spinach ricotta manicotti. A very chill, beautiful family night. Princess D was stoked. Excited as she always is to see her Uncle (whom she now calls her hero) and her “Aunt” (who is family even though no blood is shared.)  She was so excited that of course she couldn’t sit still to eat more than her pre-dinner snack of veggies and cheese so off to the bedroom she went. Continue reading


Things Davis Says… from the mouth of toddlers

CSC_0329Bedtime last night.

D: Every night you need to snuggle with me for a long, long, long time.
Mom: I’ll snuggle for a bit but I have to finishing cleaning the house and getting things done for Christmas.
D: Repeat after me… Every…
Mom: Every…
D: Night…
Mom: Night…
D: I will…
Mom: I will..
D: Snuggle a long time…
Mom: Snuggle a long time…
D: With Davis.
Mom: With Davis.

(yes, she pulled my repeat after me move. and she did it with a smile.)


DSC_0335Last night, bedtime, during the quiet game to keep her quiet.

D: (suddenly kisses Mom on the cheek, pauses) Are we allowed to kiss?
Mom: (melting inside) Yes, baby.
D: (kisses Mom again, on the lips) I love you every day and always. Even when you are not here and I am at preschool you are with me… in my heart.
Mom: (melts more, decides D will get her long, long, long snuggle.)

(I’m thinking I got my Christmas gift early with that one.)

Christmas, ‘Tis the Season to be Tired… when putting your kid to bed doesn’t work

it was so easy when toddler couldn't walk...

it was so easy when toddler couldn’t walk…

Last night:

8p.m. Toddler misses bedtime due to babysitting neighbours 4year old so she could go to older son’s Christmas concert (fyi: the school only allows 2 tickets per family so younger son couldn’t go.)

8:30p.m. Gets toddler ready for bed. Jammies on, teeth brushed, face washed. Continue reading