Communication vs. Being Needy… where is that fine line.

relationships are perplexing. and scary.

relationships are perplexing. and scary.

Every where you look there’s relationship advice for everyone, being shouted from every medium you can imagine. The internet, television talk shows, books, magazines even Buddist podcasts will sometimes broach the subject. So much of this advice┬ástems on communication. Speaking to each other, saying what’s on your mind and and how you feel. Don’t be afraid to voice your doubts or tell your new love what is bothering you the experts, bloggers and writers tell you. The more you talk about these things the better your connection will be with your significant other. You need to communicate they say. Continue reading


Looking for Words

i would like to write
but can’t find the words.
heart is hopelessly
taking over the mind

too late?
or too little?
what made it come to this?


endless abyss
of nothing spoken
nothing said
nothing solved
a relationship of

stuck in not knowing
what it is
or what it will be.

words of definition escape me.

so i continue to sit,
for the words to come…
and make it right again.