Make That Pumpkin Into A Flower-Pot… crafts with kids

After having spent a night away from my baby girl I came home to a house that needed cleaning and a toddler who missed me. So I did what any good parent would do… suggested we spend the next hour and a half doing a craft instead of cleaning the house.

What we did was make “rainbow pumpkin flower-pot” aptly named by Princess D herself. Continue reading


Crafts with Kids for Cheap… quality time doesn’t have to break the bank

Who says having a craft night with your kids has to be expensive? Not me. A big fan of the crafts in the Dollar Store and other cheapie retailers like them

whoo hooo… fun in a box

, I go in once a month to stock up on cheap crafts I can do with Princess D and without her (a total godsend in the middle of toddler “I want” tantrums… pull one out and away she goes. Continue reading