Should Being Stood Up Be The End… the return of blah blah

DSC01517It was the thing romance novels are made off of.

Driving mid-afternoon on a Saturday in November the phone rings. It’s Blah Blah and he’s not in his home city but 15 minutes away from mine. *wtf?* Did I want him to bring over a coffee he asks. A funny question because the town he was in has probably the worst coffee in the world. I suspected what he really wanted was to come for a visit (this was his pattern) so I said sure and I have beer in the fridge so forget the coffee. Continue reading


Fishing in Safe Waters… will she find her match?

DSC01715She barely made it back in the boat.

Left arm throbbing, left side of her chest stinging with a pain she’d never felt before, she lay on the bottom of the boat as it floated on the calm blue waters. Trying to regain her breath she stared at the sky and felt the warmth of the sun heating the chill from her wet skin.

What just happened?  Continue reading

Beware of Predators in the Waters… the fishing continues

Dawn was pulling itself out of the slumber of night as she stared from the patio to the water she’d been surveying for a few days now. Only a few days, such a short time to realize fishing in those murky depths proved more dangerous than originally anticipated. Continue reading

Instantaneous Love … a reflection on passion


sssshhhhh… it’s a secret…

My problem is, and I’ve known this for a while, I fall in love instantly. With everyone from a friend to a love to a child to an animal. Heck, if that goat cheese salad is really good I will love that passionately from that moment on. If I was meant to love you in some way at all, then it hits me like a thunderbolt to the soul. Continue reading