Today I Forgive.

have a little heart. forgive.

have a little heart. forgive.

Forgiveness is something we often give willingly to the people in our life, but not to ourselves. I am bad for that. I will harbour and dwell on things I did as much as things I can’t control and let them eat away at my soul. It drains your energy, your trust and your ability to love freely. It effects your overall happiness and I have decided I deserve to be happy.

So today I will forgive myself. 
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The Secret to My Positive Nature … a healthy mama’s approact


give me a yell for Positive Thinking!

I belong to the positivity team. I’m one of those annoying people who always find the upside to every possibly situation. Yes, although I might falter with my own positive belief system from time to time, I never falter at finding the positive side to your situation. Perhaps you aren’t open to hearing it, most times I won’t tell you if that’s the case, otherwise I will tell you and give you encouragement along the way. Continue reading