Getting it Done is More Important than Sleep… a parenting truth

1912090_10152088576033370_762349289_nParenting can be hard but being a single parent can be really, really hard. Not having someone to share the duties with is exhausting. There’s often not enough hours in the day to get everything you need to do done. And when you’re sick that gets even harder.

That’s been me this week. Fighting this brutal sinus/ chest cold thing that started with a painful sore throat and no voice. I work in radio, I need my voice. And I have to work. We’re short one announcer so sick days aren’t an option. Continue reading


Easter 2012… eggs, bunnies & epiphanies

Holidays, for me, are always a little tough. Firstly, because my mother is no longer with us. Secondly, because there is always one (or two) moments where I bemoan being a single parent. Not because you can be ridiculously busy. I’m fine with that. For me, the sadness comes from the loneliness that surrounds a single parent, from not having that other person to share the memory making moment with. Continue reading