Homemade Fly & Mosquito Repellent – will it work?


don’t let the bugs keep you from enjoying the great outdoors

The critters are bad in Cape Breton this year. Partly because we’ve had a very, very wet spring – which means the black flies are hatching in small batches, prolonging their human biting season. And this, according to the expert on CBC radio, means we will also have a lot more mosquitos as well. And thanks to a drastic decrease in the bat population for the area these blood suckers have more chances to survive┬álonger. Which means more bites and bother for us humans who like to enjoy the outdoors. Continue reading


Why I Love Our Trampoline

971056_380993268694045_617357849_nI love our trampoline. Can’t sing the praises for it louder or longer. Seriously the best $400 I spent this summer. But it was a decision I really pondered over because trampolines have such a bad rap. Continue reading

New Year, New Body… the detox that must come

Photo 39I Am A Sugar Addict.

There. I said it. I yelled it from the mountainous peak of self-awareness in my brain. It’s not news to me, but it’s not something I willingly say out loud. However, I’m all about being honest and open on this blog and with my daughter it’s time I shouted this statement as well. Continue reading